How to recover data after system restore?

How to recover data after system restore has haunted many computer users. When operating system is damaged, user will restore it and recover it with backup system data. System restoration is most effective right after registry is damaged. When restoring, it will replace damaged or modified data with registry information to realize system restoration. However, restoring system with previous backup system data bears a huge disadvantage, namely restored system will run in accordance with the mode when system is backuped and modification and new data on system partition after backup would lose. Actually, all these lost data is recoverable as long as user could find an appropriate data recovery software, for example, MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

User must know how diverse data storage medium (hard disk, soft disk) store data firstly before understanding why lost data can be recovered after system restoration. Stored data on disk is managed by partition. When we add new data into partition, it adds to a directory structure-like area an indicator that points the data storage regions. When we restore system, partition is restored to the mode when it is backuped, and those pointers will disappear but data is still on the disk. By using MiniTool Power Data Recovery, previous data can be scanned and recovered.

As a effective, green and concise data recovery software newly developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Power Data Recovery could recover data of files systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS, etc and run under various operating systems like Win2000, Win2003, Win XP, Win7, Win2008, etc.
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at for free.

Install and run MiniTool Power Data Recovery; unregistered user may check "I am a home user, please launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition" and click "Launch Power Data Recovery Free Edition" to enter;

User would see five modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery:
- Undelete Recovery
- Damaged Partition Recovery
- Lost Partition Recovery
- Digital Media Recovery
- CD/DVD Recovery
User should choose "Damaged Partition Recovery" module to recover data from restored system.

In this interface, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has displayed disk partitions in form of list. User should select restored system partition and click "Full Scan".

Then MiniTool Power Data Recovery will scan the partition, and scanning result is as follows:

Select partition with the highest advisable values(usually the first partition), then click "Show Files" to enter partition.

Thus, user could see the file list in partition with deleted data, data before system is restored and new data, choose files to be recovered and click "Save Files" button.

Click "Browse …" to appoint saving location, then click "OK" to save files to assigned location, then data recovery is successfully finished.

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