CD-I (CD-Interactive)

Green Book defines the standard of CD-I, which is a specification for the application of multi-media that integrated with text, graphics, flash, photos. The Green Book does not only gives a description of CD-ROM format under Mode 2 but also a expansion of standard to hardware, all this offers a standard to the compatibility and Operating system for the playing of discs including CD-ROM XA in the CD-ROM drivers.

The Green Book also defines that there are two forms under CD-ROM Mode 2: Form 1 and Form 2.

Form 1 (hereinafter called F1),each sector has 2048 bytes of user data, set with EDC and ECC, which is used to store data.
Form 2 (hereinafter called F2) each sector has 2324 bytes of data, does not set with EDC or ECC, which is used to store audio and video data.

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