DSSL (Double Sided, Single Layer) Discs DVD10 (D10 for short)

This refers to the double-sided single-layer DVD disc which is 0.6 mm thick on both sides of each layer of recording layer of the substrate bonding formed, with a total capacity of 9.4GB, can store about playing 266 minutes of video data.

To read the data on double-sided disc, there are two methods:
(1) finished playing the first side of the plate program, it will remove the disc from the player, upside down and then into the players continue to play second surface of the program;
(2) players Zhongzhuang two read lasers, respectively, from the disk to read data up and down both sides, or players, only installed a read laser, but read the disc after the first plane can automatically jump to the disc The other side continues to play.

If we use the second method, users shall need not to get out the disc and turn it over, but the DVD player should have this function.

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