Email Recovery Software Makes Deleted/Lost Emails Recovery Possible

Emails May Easily Get Lost

Emails are familiar to every computer user and are typically used to transfer information and files for daily communication and commercial usage. As the development of computer technology, Emails are now able to contain multimedia attachments like images and videos, so Email system is more and more frequently used in every industry. Thus, Email data security is becoming a more and more important issue.

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Generally speaking, the storage space for Emails is not unlimited, and we should clear up the storage space for faster sending and receiving respond. Besides, we may have formed the habit of deleting unnecessary emails regularly. So deletion happens every day. When clearing up the storage space for emails, we are supposed to be as cautious as we can to avoid mistakenly delete some important emails. If we make wrong deletion, we usually can find these Emails at Trash, however, after a period of time, they will disappear automatically. What's worse, if we have cleared the Trash, then the Emails will definitely say goodbye to us at the application. So we suggest users to make a separate backup for those important ones.

What if we do not have a backup and we are just in need of a specific deleted Email?

Email Recovery Is Possible

  Although we may find despair at Email Trash after Email lost, we can still find hope in recovering Email data. The reason? In fact, when we install an Email application, let's say Outlook for example, our received Emails have another local location and it is under:"C:\Documents and Setting\Account\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\filename.pst" by default, which makes Email recovery possible. However, the default location is inconvenient for Email management and offers low email security. So we had better change the Email location to our personal preference.

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As we are likely to lose them due to mistaken deletion or various attack. we still have the chances to recover these Emails. Why? This is because each email file is divided into two parts, file head and data area. File head is used to record file attributes, such as file name and cluster information, while real data are stored in data area. Deleting Emails only modifies the first two codes of file head and clears up the cluster number occupied by the file - which does not affect the real data. So when we delete some Emails, the real data is still on the hard drive unless they are overwritten. Therefore, we can recover deleted/lost Email files with data recovery software before they are overwritten.


Fortunately, some data recovery software which is specially designed for email data recovery is generated. This kind of software can be used to perform lost email recovery. Therefore, when our important emails are deleted, using the professional data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform deleted email recovery is the best choice. 

Free Email Recovery Program Helps to Recover Lost Emails

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is powerful Email recovery software which has powerful scan ability for almost all file formats and is able to scan every sector in hard disk to find lost Emails. Besides, it is also professional in photo recovery, music recovery, video recovery and so on… This program can be worked on Windows platform and offers free edition for all Windows users. To complete Email data recovery. We should first of all DOWNLOAD this Email recovery program and enter to its main interface.

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  We can see its different recovery modules from its main interface and we should select the corresponding recovery module according to Email loss reasons. Since we want to recover the deleted Emails, we need to choose Undelete Recovery (for the rest reasons, choose Damaged Partition Recovery provided that the partitions are still there).

In this interface, select the partition where the lost Emails were stored (here is partition J:) and click "Scan" to detect the lost Emails in this partition.

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When the scan is finished, many deleted files are displayed. In the image attached below we can easily identify the folder that contains lost Emails and it's OUTLOOK. 

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Check the Emails and click "Save" to store the recovered file to a safe location. Until now, we have successfully realized Email recovery. 

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After trying MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users may find that Email data loss is not so awful because this free Email recovery software can recover lost data quickly. Just download and use it.

note It is worth mentioning that Power Data Recovery free edition can recover up to 1 GB data. So please purchase a license if you have got more Emails and other data to recover.

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