Erase a hard drive

Most users think data will disappear thoroughly once they empty the recycle bin after deleting data. Actually, they are wrong. Users who know something about the principle of data storage know the commonly used deleting and formatting can not delete data from the disk thoroughly but mark a special mark which makes the system unable to recognize these data. Therefore, some users mistakenly think data have been wiped thoroughly. As a matter of fact, for these kinds of deleted data, we can recover them easily as long as they are not overwritten or damaged, and there are many recovery methods. Later, I will introduce these methods. But before introducing them, let me introduce some methods for deleting data thoroughly.

After knowing that deleted data can be recovered, some users may worry about the leakage of privacy included in deleted data. Well then, how to wipe data thoroughly from hard disk? To solve this problem, we need a technology called Erase with which we can erase a hard drive repeatedly and wipe original data thoroughly. Then, even high-efficiency data recovery methods can not recover these data. However, Erase was mainly used in military institution, political institution and other important institutions before. Fortunately, with the unceasing development of software industry, this technology has been applied to partition management software. For example, the "Wipe" function of MiniTool Partition Wizard is used to erase a hard drive repeatedly, ensuring the safety of deleted data. Next, let's go back to the first topic: how to recover deleted data.

How to recover deleted data?
We have talked that data deleted with common deleting operations can be recovered. Well, how to recover deleted data? For these users who require extremely high computer operability or users who have a basic understanding to data storage principle, they can recover deleted data by altering file information table when facing simple deletion. User can get relevant information about this method from the internet. However, it is difficult and risky for common users to adopt this method. If users operate mistakenly, deleted data may be damaged again or other data may be lost. Therefore, this method is not recommended to common users. Today, data recovery software is advised to recover deleted data, but not every piece of data recovery software is recommended. As the current software industry is not very normative, there is much inferior software on the market. If we use inferior data recovery software carelessly, more serious data loss may happen, bringing greater losses. Therefore, users should pay much attention to safety when selecting data recovery software. Furthermore, utility is a key factor we should care about. I believe nobody is willing to download a piece of useless data recovery software with costing a large amount of time. Considering these aspects, I strongly recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover deleted data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery can realize multiple kinds of data recovery (of course, if we erase a hard drive to wipe data, these data can not be recovered). For example, this data recovery software can perfectly recover lost data caused by simple deleting, formatting, virus attack, and partition loss. To recover lost data with this free data recovery software, we should visit its official website to download it first. Then, install and run it:

In the main interface, "Undelete Recovery" module is specially used to recover deleted data. Users just need to click this functional module, and then select the partition where lost data are. Then, click "Recover" to look for deleted data. Next, please check the files which need recovering. Next, click "Save Files" to accomplish deleted data recovery.
The above demonstration is a brief introduction to the functional module "Undelete Recovery". If you want to know detailed information about other functional modules, you can visit the official website of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

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