Flash drive software

Flash drive is a kind of nonvolatile memory. In other words, it can protect data even though power is off. It is widely used on palmtop, digital camera, recorder pen, mobile phone, digital television, computer machine, and other equipments. This kind of storage device is small in size and fast in transmission rate. Besides, USB flash disk is a type of flash drives. Well, have you met the situation where flash drive data are lost? Although flash drive is a kind of nonvolatile memory, flash drive data may be lost because of mistaken operations or virus attacks. Under this situation, the best way to remedy loss is to perform data recovery. Some users may think it is unworthy to spend so much money on asking professional data recovery corporations for help to recover a few flash drive data. Well then, is there a method for recovering lost data freely? Yes, of course. High-efficiency flash drive software is a good choice, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an outstanding performer among so much flash drive software. The following interface is the main interface of this flash drive software:

From the above main interface, we can see MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of data recovery software with powerful functions. It provides users with 5 functional modules aimed at different situations. With this data recovery software, we can rover lost data from hard disk, CD/DVD, memory stick, flash drive and other storage devices. We also can recover lost data caused by mistaken deletion, formatting, and virus attack. Next, let me demonstrate how to recover data deleted from flash drive with the flash drive software in detail.

Recover data deleted from flash drive with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover data with this data recovery software, we need to download it from its official website https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/. Then, install it on our computer and connect the flash drive with our computer. After running this data recovery software, we get the above main interface. In the main interface, select "Undelete Recovery" module to enter the next step.

Here, select the partition representing flash drive, and then click "Recover" button to check all data stored on the partition.

In the above interface, check files which need recovering, and then click "Save Files". Then, we are successful to recover data deleted from flash drive.

With such easy operations, we are successful to recover data deleted from flash drive. Of course, if your lost flash data are not caused by mistaken deletion, you can select corresponding module to recover data according to different situations. For example, if data loss is caused by partition damage which results from mistaken formatting or virus attack, we can select "Damaged Partition Recovery" module in the main interface; if the partition is lost because of virus attack, "Lost Partition Recovery" module can help us; if we just want to recover lost media files, "Digital Media Recovery" module is suggested; At last, I want to say every computer user should pay much attention to data protection in the process of using storage device so as to reduce troubles caused by data loss. If data are lost unluckily, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is really a good helper for you to recover data.

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