Hard disk backup software

It is believed that many computer users are familiar with hard disk backup software and maybe many users have installed this kind of software. Why is hard disk backup software used by so many users? The reason is simple. By using hard disk backup software, we can get hard disk backup with which we can recover lost data quickly when data losses occur. It is very convenient. So many computers would like to install hard disk backup software on their computers and some users even mistakenly consider that data losses will not come up as long as they have hard disk backup software. Perhaps some users have ever encountered this situation. When we want to recover lost data with hard disk backup, we only find that the backup has been damaged and a part of data are lost, so we can not perform data recovery. However, we should grasp solutions to this problem because data losses are likely to causes consequences ranging from time expense to money expense. So methods for preventing hard disk backup losses are necessary. The best choice for us is to use hard disk data recovery software with low price and high confidentiality. And the free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended.

Recover lost hard drive backup with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
In order to use this free data recovery software to recover lost hard drive backup, we should firstly visit the official website https://www.powerdatarecovery.com to download it and then install it. After that, launch it to recover lost data and the following picture will be shown.

This is the main window of the free data recovery software. Click the function module "Damaged Partition Recovery" to recover lost hard drive backup and we will see the following picture.

In this interface, select the partition where the hard disk backup is and then we have two types of operations. One is to click "Open" directly to unfold this partition and look for the lost hard disk backup. If it can be found, we can do the next operation; if not, we need to go back to this interface and do the other operation. Click "Full Scan" to scan the selected partition completely. After the scan is finished, the following picture will be shown.

Select the partition which is most similar to the one that stores hard disk backup and click "Show Files". We will see the following picture.

This is file recovery interface and all files in the selected partition are shown. Check the files that will be recovered and click "Save Files". And we will recover lost data successfully, which is very convenient.

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