Lose Data In Weird Ways – Easy Tips For Quick Recovery

In computer using, disk management, data security and data loss are eternal topics that always draw our attention.

We can't be careful enough when using computer and every one of us tend to make mistakes: closing a program carelessly, deleting a useful file accidentally, downloading unsafe file/program after pressing wrong button, etc. Some of the mistakes will lead to data loss problem while others will not.

Apart from the human error that may cause data loss, sometimes, important files may be lost due to unknown reasons or unusual accidents (like flood). In other words, it's possible to lose data in weird ways. And in this case, we are often not aware of the data loss issue until we need to use part of the lost files.

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So what's the real story?

Data can be lost all of a sudden; some of the reasons are predictable and can be avoided, while others are totally beyond our expectations.

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Yet, not all data lost in weird ways are gone forever. We have solutions for even inexperienced users to restore lost data simply. All you should notice is lost data can't be overwritten by new data and data storage devices can't be damaged seriously. Otherwise, data recovery from hard drive or any other devices can hardly be completed.

Be Aware of Data Loss Causes

Look, we're more and more used to storing important files in digital devices, such as internal/external hard drive, memory stick, USB flash drive and SD card. Though convenient it is, possibility of data loss is increased.

There're lots of reasons that will result in annoying data loss. Now, we roughly divide those data loss causes into several categories: human error, natural disaster, software malfunction, hardware failure, virus attack and power crisis.

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Avoid Human Error

Human error mainly refers to the phenomenon where data are lost due to users' wrong operations. Common human errors include accidental deletion of files & partitions, accidental formatting of partitions & disks, wrong Ghost, etc.

Well, the specific human errors are often reflected in following aspects: operating system missing, unable to boot into OS, unable to find needed files, hard drive becoming RAW, and so on.

link Here're useful methods for you to recover data from RAW.

Nevertheless, more and more cases indicate that data could be lost in unusual ways. We find uncommon human errors (in the form of negligence, anger and clumsiness) are quickly moving up the ranks.

To sum up, human error now becomes one of the most primary reasons leading to data loss. And people often make data missing by doing one of the following two things:
a). They hit "Delete" or "Format" carelessly during studying, working or managing drives on computer.
b). They throw things away to break computer or drop their data storage devices directly in anger, causing physical damage of device and severe data loss.

Natural Disaster

Unexpected natural disasters also become a major reason for data loss problem. Common disasters include: earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, fire, tsunami, blizzard, thunder storm, hailstorm, tornado, etc.

Lose data in weird ways 3

There're also not so common natural disasters reported to be harmful to data: avalanche & mudslide, limnic eruption, heat wave, wildfire, and so on.

All those can break our computer system, cause power failure or bring sudden electromagnetic interference to damage our data. In short, our data could easily fall victim to natural disasters since they will not give us any warning in advance.

So here's the deal: users are supposed to rely on a regular backup solution in order to safeguard the integrity of information juke like they purchase insurance for assets protection or health guarantee.

Software Malfunction

Software malfunction mainly refers to logical errors like operating system crash, file system damaging and software conflict.

Data loss issues caused by software malfunction are often easy to handle with. In other words, it is actually a simple task for users to recover hard drive as long as the data loss accident is not resulted from physical damage of data storage device components.

Lose data in weird ways 4

In this case, we strongly recommend that users download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0 for Windows platform or MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Free Edition V3.0 for Mac platform. Then, use it to scan the target drive to see whether lost data can be found or not.

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As for how can you actually use this software, we'll give a detailed step-by-step guide later in this article.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failure mainly refers to the physical damage of equipment. Storage media aging problem, disk surface scratch, magnetic head deformation & damage, magnetic arm fracture, chipset invalid and other components damage all belong to this category.

The following phenomena often indicate that you're encountering hardware failure: device failing to be recognized by computer OS, hearing a "click, click" or "bang, bang" sound, motor stopping running, inaccurate head positioning, etc.

link Here's a post telling you how to distinguish hardware failure from software failure.

Though it's difficult to restore lost data after hardware failure, we still advise users to have a try by getting data recovery services from powerful data recovery software and professional data recovery agencies.

Virus Attack

As internet is becoming increasingly convenient and popular, the spread of computer viruses is getting simpler. There're a variety of virus transmission methods and the latent period of virus varies from case to case. All of those factors making virus infection hard to be avoided.

Thus, sometimes, when we start the computer as usual, we may find some files disappeared mysteriously or some programs are frozen. Weird things would happen even though everything seems to be fine the last we turn off the computer.

Lose data in weird ways 5

Thus, users are supposed to download programs/files from only trustworthy sites and receive documents from only reliable people. Besides, they can also install mighty anti-virus software to avoid virus attacks as much as possible.

But, what's the most important part? Don't rush to kill virus or fix any problems generated by virus. Remember, the first thing you should do is always trying your best to recover data from damaged hard drive.

Power Crisis

Have you ever be put into any similar situations like this: when enjoying your time using computer, you suddenly find it randomly switches off on its own. You have done nothing wrong, but the computer still fails. Sounds weird! But this did happen now and then.

Lose data in weird ways 6

Most of the time, you don't know the exact reasons for causing power crisis. You're totally at a loss. But you know what? Please don't get too anxious; instead, stay calm and follow this 2-step guide to try to make up for it.

a). check whether there is physical problems in your computer hardware components.
b). use bootable edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to enter computer without OS and then recover data from internal hard drive.

link Check this out to know why you should avoid power crisis.

All in all, data can be disappeared due to the reasons you're familiar with and in ways you've never expected. Weird as it is sometimes, it's real and we ought to do the best we can to reduce the possibility of losing data.

How We Lose Data in Weird Ways

To help users know better about uncommon data loss, we invite them to take a closer look at the following cases.

note "I was about to download a utility program. My browser is set to ask a location to send the file to. I clicked the browse button and clicked on the destination folder I wanted. The folder had least 30 to 60 files in it. My screen flashed momentarily and when I looked at the folder again it was empty. How can I find them?"

This is a post on Microsoft's community and it has over 7,000 views, indicating that many users are concerned about the topic – file suddenly disappeared.

How do those files get lost? That's pretty hard to tell since file loss could be caused by various reasons. However, the more important thing is what you do after discovering the problem. Why does this matter? That's because whether lost files are overwritten or not decides whether you can get them back or not.

note "The system sometimes couldn't identify 2.9GB drive and whenever I tried to access the drive, it said the drive hadn't been formatted asking if I wanted to format it now. I clicked No and restarted my computer, then the problem would be gone."

This is also a case we found on the internet. The user said he couldn't access the drive sometimes when the computer tells him to format it right away. Then, he chose to restart to the computer to solve the problem.

However, what we want to say is data in that drive are in great danger; they could be gone at any time. So what the user should do immediately is backing up the important files to safe place.

Yet, if data loss really happened before he backup files, he needs to start recovery at once with MiniTool Power Data Recovery to see whether the files in that inaccessible drive can be scanned out.

note In addition to above cases, most of us have this experience: the application/program we are using shuts down unexpectedly sometimes, without any prompt or explanation. Usually, this type of issue is called software corruption. It may be resulted from software conflict, important files loss/damage, or the excessive overuse of application.

Of course, you can choose to ignore the problem and re-open application/program to use. But there's a catch: what if it just keeps crashing, not allowing you to access. You'll lose all data saved in that application/program.

Acquire One of the Best Data Recovery Services

Users are highly suggested to start SD card recovery, photo recovery or image recovery ASAP, regardless of the exact cause of weird data loss. To enjoy quality data recovery services, users should install MiniTool Power Data Recovery ahead of recovery.

Now, let's see how to do it exactly.

How to Recover Deleted Files

If you found some important files are deleted from computer mysteriously, but the drive is not broken, you may as well try "Undelete Recovery" module for a quick recovery.

Lose data in weird ways 7

Recovery operations: run Power Data Recovery -> click on "Undelete Recovery" (which is designed to recover deleted files) from main window -> select the drive which contains deleted files -> press "Scan" button to search for lost files -> check needed files from scan result and save them to a safe location.

If you need to recover files deleted from removable drive like SD card and USB flash drive, you'd better connect the drive to computer before running Power Data Recovery.

How to Recover Data from a Missing/Inaccessible Drive

If you need to recover files from a partition disappeared from computer suddenly, you should rely on "Lost Partition Recovery"; if you need to recover files from existing damaged partition, you should turn to "Damaged Partition Recovery".

Lose data in weird ways 8

Recovery operations: run the software -> choose "Lost Partition Recovery" or "Lost Partition Recovery" according to different needs -> select the disk (with missing partition) or damaged partition -> click on "Full Scan" button to detect files -> look through found files and pick out needed ones to recover.

Don't save the recovered files to its original location to avoid data overwriting and permanent data loss.

How to Recover Multimedia Files

If you only need to regain multimedia files like videos, audios, photos and pictures, you may as well choose "Digital Media Recovery", which scans only digital media documents. Read following content to know how to recover photos.

Lose data in weird ways 9

Recovery operations: run software -> choose "Digital Media Recovery" -> select the drive used to save multimedia files -> click on "Full Scan" -> browse found files to choose what to recover.

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How to Recover CD/DVD Files

Lose data in weird ways 10

To recover files from CD or DVD, you just need to choose "CD/DVD Recovery" module and follow the operations we give in above cases.

Free Edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery can only help you recover less than 1GB data; to break the limit, you need to pay for a license.

Tips to Help You Protect Important Data

The best thing rather than asking how to recover data from dead hard drive or any other questions is actually take measures to try to avoid data loss effectively.

  • Form the habit of backing up data and updating backups on a regular basis.
  • Practice good working/studying habits.
  • Install powerful antivirus software if possible.
  • Place storage device under proper environment.
  • Don't open files/links from unknown sites/people.

Bottom Line

While using computer or other digital devices, we tend to meet data loss caused by common reasons like accidental deletion; in the meantime, we may lose data in weird ways.

No matter which is the actual case, you need to remember only one thing – please stop using the device immediately and start recovery process with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to try to regain as many lost files as possible.

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