How to Recover Deleted or Lost Videos

Q: I stupidly formatted the wrong hard drive when there are two external hard drives connected to my computer. It is a WD external hard drive with massive important videos. I heard about the data recovery software which could help restore the saved data back from a formatted drive. But, I am afraid the program may make things worse. Do I have to use a data recovery program to recover videos? Is there any one that could give me some suggestions?

Here, to recover lost data from formatted hard drive, you can try using a piece of professional data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

And, in today's post, I am going to show you how to effectively recover deleted/lost videos.

Excellent Video Recovery Software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the most comprehensive and reliable data recovery software. This software has been awarded as the 2017's TOP 10 Free Data Recovery Software on TOPTENREVIEWS, and enjoys over 2,000,000 users' download from CNET.

This easy-to-use data recovery tool can help to recover almost all lost data including videos, music, pictures, documents, etc. Besides, it not only can recover files from computer hard drive or SSD, but also can restore data from removable storage devices like USB flash drive, memory card, and so on. And, this professional software supports various operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (R2), and Windows Server 2012. What's more, it is a read-only tool, thus we can use it to recover lost videos without bringing any damage to the original data.

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Here, this professional data recovery software offers free edition and 4 licenses to meet the different needs of different users, and you can read this post "Compare License Type" to know more details.

Now, Download the Free Edition and have a try!

After downloading MiniTool Power Data Recovery, do not install it on the drive containing lost data since that can cause irretrievable data loss. Install it on a separate drive or make data recovery bootable disk using CD/DVD or USB drive.

Next, let's see how to carry out deleted videos recovery by using this easy-to-use as well as read-only data recovery software.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from PC

Let's begin with a true example:

I had a lot of videos that I purchased from the web and had them downloaded in my older HP computer that supports Windows 7. I paid for a data transfer and all the videos I downloaded from the Internet. I can't find them. I had the video play on Windows media player. I've noticed that the Recovery (D:) has more storage taken up. When I click on recovery in the drive it says:
Recovery Partition Warning: This area of your hard drive [or partition] contains files used during Windows Push Button Reset and HP image recovery. Do not delete or alter any of these files.
Any change to this partition could impact system recovery functionally in the future.
But I have a strong hunch the videos are in recovery D but I can't access it to find it and my mother has had help come over but I only had a few of the files recovered but not all of them those videos cost me a lot of Money. And I want to get them all back what do I do?
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Here, to recover lost videos, you may try the following steps.
Step 1: launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to get its main interface as follows.
Note: if you want to recover data from USB drive, SD card, or other removable storage devices, you had better connect the removable drive to computer at first, and then launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

main interface

In the main interface, we can see 5 different data recovery modules, and each of them is designed to deal with different data loss scenarios. To be specific,

  • "Undelete Recovery": is used to recover files and folders deleted from Windows Recycle Bin or by using SHIFT + DELETE keys.
  • "Damaged Partition Recovery": is used to recover data from formatted hard drive partition, logically damaged partition, and RAW partition. Moreover, it recovers data not only from hard disk partition but also from memory stick, memory card, flash drive, and so on. And, Damaged Partition Recovery module supports MBR-style and GPT-style partitions as well as Windows dynamic volumes including Simple Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, Striped Volume and RAID-5 volume.
  • "Lost Partition Recovery": fully supports lost or deleted partition data recovery. What's better, both local hard drives and removable devices are fully supported.
  • "Digital Media Recovery": can help users recover digital media files such as photos, music and videos from storage devices such as memory card, memory stick and USB flash disk.
  • "CD/DVD Recovery": is available for users to recover deleted or lost data from formatted or scratched CD/DVD.

Here, to recover videos, we can try using the above four modules. Now, we take Damaged Partition Recovery for example, for we can use this data recovery module to recover lost data as long as the partition exists.

Step 2: select the drive containing lost videos and click Full Scan button at the lower right corner to begin full scanning on the device.

full scan

Note: here, we can click the Settings to specify needed file types as well as file systems.

Step 3: Choose all needed files and click Save button to store them in a safe place.


  • If there are lots of different files in this window, you can click the Filter feature, and then choose "*.mp3,*.wav,*.avi,*.mpg" from the By Filename/Extension and click OK button to filter out undesired files, as shown below.

  • advanced filter

  • The free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery can only recover 1GB data. If you want to recover more data, you need to select its paid edition. Here, you can click the following button to get its personal edition to break the limitation.

See! By using MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can easily and quickly recover videos without affecting the original data within 3 simple steps.

I used this tool to effectively recover lost videos.

"I successfully recovered lost videos without damaging the original data. I hope you can try MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover your lost data including videos, music, pictures, documents, and so on."

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Alternatively, some users who don't care about money may turn to another solution to recover lost videos. A small proportion of people may turn to data recovery companies to recover lost data since they don't want to spend any time retrieving lost data by themselves. Data recovery companies indeed can help to recover lost data, but they will ask for high data recovery fees that common users cannot afford them. Besides, users have to bear the risk of leaking privacy in the process of file recovery.

Therefore, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is highly recommended here, for this all-in-one data recovery software offers wizard-based operation and simple interface. In a word, even a new user can easily handle this tool to recover lost data quickly.

After talking about how to recover videos from PC, I guess you might be wondering:
How to recover deleted videos from Android phone?


How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

To recover Android deleted videos, you can try MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free. This easy-to-use Android data recovery program is able to recover lost, and deleted videos, messages, photos, and other files from multiple Android Phones and Tablets. You just need to connect your phone to computer, and then launch MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android. Next, select Recover from Phone module.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

After that, you will be given detailed operating prompts. Just do as told.

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Back up Important Data in Case of Accidents

As we know, if data loss is not caused by hardware failure or lost files are not overwritten by new data, we can recover them by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. However, what should we do if our data are lost caused by physical damage? In this situation, is it possible to recover lost data?

As a matter of fact, if users want to recover data from physical damaged drive, they have no choice but to turn to backup files. Thus, it is very necessary for us to back up some significant data.
Now, you might be wondering:
How do I find an excellent tool to back up important files?

Well, if you have not yet found a suitable tool to back up data, you can try MiniTool Partition Wizard, a free yet simple partition management tool. This tool offers 2 excellent powerful features to make a copy of important data without damaging the original data.

  • Copy Partition feature copies all data information from one partition to another without any data loss and in simple operations.
  • Copy Disk copies all partitions and data from one disk to another in several steps.

Here, we take Copy Partition feature for example to show how to back up video or other data.
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard free edition to get its main interface.
Next, select the partition which needs copying and choose "Copy Partition" feature from the left side.

copy partition

Third, choose an unallocated space from partition list to save the copy of the selected partition, which will be a new partition, and then click "Next>". Note: unallocated space should be large enough to hold all data on the source partition.

After that, lengthen the rectangle bar to enlarge the partition or shorten the handle to shrink it. Alternatively, you can type exact partition size in MB. In addition, you can choose partition type (primary or logical) for the new partition if it is created on MBR disk. Then, click "Finish".

edit partition

Finally, click "Apply" button to make changes performed.

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See! With MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can easily and quickly back up all data without any data loss and in simple operations. Thus, if our data are lost caused by various objective or subjective reasons, we can easily and quickly restore them from the backup files.

Bottom Line

It is very easy to recover lost videos by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery, isn't it?

Now, it's your turn to recover lost data. You can download the free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and try it out. I think it will surprise all of you.

In addition to lost videos recovery, this easy-to-use tool also can help to recover other files like document, image, audio and email. Besides, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition can recover data from hard disk drive, SD card, USB flash disk, memory card, optical disc and other storage media. And, it offers detailed instructions to help users to complete data recovery successfully. What's more, this free data recovery software reads data only when scanning storage devices and will not bring any damage to original data.

In a word, with only three-step, we could recover lost, deleted, and formatted files safely because MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers powerful function, high security and simple operation.

Top recommendation: you can read this post "This Teaches You How Video File Recovery Can Be Done" to know more details about video recovery.

If you have any question or suggestions about how to recover deleted videos with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, please feel free to leave it in the below comments or directly contact us via [email protected] Our team provides fast, detailed responses to your questions!

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