We Know A Superb Way To Recover Wiped Partition Effectively

Undeniably, everybody has made a lot of mistakes in the life time. The difference lies in: some of the mistakes are irretrievable, while the rest of them could be remedied through other ways. After you performed improper operations on hard drive, such as formatting a partition accidentally and deleting a partition by mistake, what will you think of?

Recover Wiped Partition or Not

Of course, you’ll naturally find yourself wiped a drive when trying to access it. And at this time, if you realized you may lose the entries to all important forever (like precious collection of music and pictures) forever, what will you do? Be crazy about looking for possible ways to recover wiped partition data, hire professionals to help you or just try to recover the lost partition, regardless of data?

To be honest, the former two solutions are both adopted frequently to recover files from wiped hard drive. Although not common, the third solution may also be chosen. It’s hard to tell which is better, since that really depends on the actual needs.

How to Recover Erased Hard Drive

If you would like to get back data from wiped partition without worrying about privacy leakage, grabbing MiniTool Power Data Recovery seems to be the best choice.

Recover wiped partition 1

Steps to recover wiped hard drive data:

1. Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0.

2. Choose "Lost Partition Recovery" to recover data from deleted/lost partition or "Damaged Partition Recovery" to recover files from wiped/erased/damaged/formatted partition.

3. Select the correct hard drive/partition to scan by pressing "Full Scan".

4. Check needed files from scan result and press "Save" to recover them.

Of course, the second way is to hire professionals to do all those things for you. But that may cost much.

How to Recover Lost Partition

Recover wiped partition 2

As we said before, if you prefer to let others do the recovery job completely for you, then you should turn to hiring professionals (but the cost may be high). If you only want to get missing partitions back, you should just use "Partition Recovery Wizard" of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Note: this function is not supported by the free edition; please buy an advanced edition to achieve this.

When all the operations are done, you can end the work to recover wiped partition. Now, can you recover a wiped hard drive on your own?

Extended Reading

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There’s an article talking about how to recover hard drive wiped by Diskpart clean.

Note: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to help you achieve free data recovery as long as the total size of data needing to be recovered is less than 1GB.

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