Recovery disk for Windows XP

Windows XP is a classical Windows operating system released in 2001. Since its release, it has won much popularity among computer users. With the development of computer technology, Windows XP has shown its disadvantages such as security problems. Nowadays, software industry develops fast, and plenty of Trojans, viruses, malicious programs are emerging. These software and programs are mainly aimed at Windows XP. Therefore, you will probably encounter all kinds of computer problems when using Windows XP. The most serious problem for common users is partition loss. Partition loss brings terrible result. Along with partition losing, a large amount of data in that partition will also be lost. We never want to bear the losses because of data loss.

Are you wondering why partition loss occurs? The reason is simple. When we are using computer, we sometimes encounter virus attack. Recently, there is a kind of virus that attacks MBR area of disk and breaks partition information. Thus it will cause partition loss. We should pay much attention to anti-virus work when using computer. Never download any software from unknown source. After analyzing the causes of partition loss, let me introduce some solutions to you. As known to all, simple partition loss can be easily solved by recreating partition. However, the root cause leading to serious consequence is data loss. Recovering data from lost partition is much more important.

Our main purpose should be recovering data from lost partition. Thus we can reduce the losses to minimum. How can we recover data from lost partition? Before solving this problem, we need to analyze two situations. The first one is system partition loss. We need a data recovery disk for Windows XP that is able to boot computer. I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk for you. It is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. Through several times testing, it has very high security and realizes recovering lost data in disk under the situation of system being unable to access. The second situation is non-system partition loss. It is even easier to recover data from non-system lost partition. We can rely on MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Let me show you how to do it.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery recovers data from lost partition
To recover data from lost partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we need to download it from its official website: You can download it for free. After installing it to your computer, launch it and the main interface is showed as the following picture:

Click "Lost Partition Recovery" functional module to enter the next interface:

In this interface, select the disk where lost partition was, and click "Recover" button to start scanning. Wait for a moment and the scanned result will be showed:

Select the partition which matches the lost partition best, and click "Show Files" button to check the files in it:

In this interface, check the files to be recovered and click "Save Files" button to finish recovery work.

With such simple operations, we can successfully recover data from lost partition in Windows XP. In fact, MiniTool Power Data Recovery still has many other powerful recovery functions. Welcome to its official website for more detailed information about MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

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