You've Got A Better Choice Than Stellar Photo Recovery Now

In the early and the middle stage of last century, black and white photos are very popular since color print technology is not so well developed. At that time, even taking a black and white photo is a very laborious thing. Not only that, it also takes a long time to wait for the photos printing out. After all such work, people can finally see the photos they took.

Then, years later, color photo shoots up and gradually replaces the traditional black and white photo. And afterwards, digital camera appears and becomes smaller and smaller in size, but more powerful in function. Now, we can see the photos we took immediately in digital camera and we can also choose to print them out right away.

With the increasing popularity of digital camera, lots of people start to form the habit of taking photos wherever and whenever they want. If encountering some special occasions, they must be sure to take some photos to record the wonderful and unforgettable moments which may vanish in a flash.

But when users are taking a look at the photos, they may delete needed photos by mistake (pressing the wrong button or taking the useful photos as useless). Or they may set about transferring photos from digital camera to computer internal hard drive/mobile hard drive after they found the memory is (almost) full; in this case, the photos may be lost during transferring due to some unexpected problems. Those 2 reasons explain the main causes for the loss of photos.
In addition, there're also other possible causes: accidental formatting of digital camera, memory card getting attacked by virus (when connecting to computer for photo exchange), sudden power outage, unexpected OS crash, etc.

Stellar Photo Recovery vs. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Stellar photo recovery, basically refers to Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, may be not strange to you. In fact, if you search the term “Stellar photo recovery” in Google, you'll get over 1 million results just within less than one second.

According to its introduction on official website, we know, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a piece of digital photo recovery software which aims at helping users restore photos, music & video files. It supports the photo recovery from various data storage devices, such as digital camera memory cards (like SD card), USB sticks and internal & external hard drives.

After looking at one review of this tool, we found that it is mainly designed to help users recover accidentally deleted photos, videos and audios. Of course, it can also be used to recover other kinds of multimedia files lost due to formatting.

The most obvious advantages of this software are:
  • Be able to recover most multimedia files from memory cards and hard drives.
  • Easy to use.

But, its main focus is photo, or we can say multimedia file. What's more, if the photos are included in a lost partition, it would fail to help us recover even photo files from hard drive. In view of this, we'd like to offer a better choice – a more comprehensive and powerful data recovery tool called MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

It provides both free edition and different paid editions (Personal License, Commercial License, Enterprise License and Technician License) to satisfy people's various needs. Here's also a review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.8 (the old version; now the program has been upgraded to version 7.0). After reading this, you may be willing to choose this digital photo recovery software trustingly.

There're only 2 differences between the free edition and paid editions. One is that the free edition can only help users recover 1GB of data while the other is that the Load Previous Scan Result function is not available in free edition.

Why Choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Yes, whether you're an experienced or inexperienced user, you're highly suggested to choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery over Stellar Photo Recovery. The following points are enough to make you understand why.

  • All Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can do, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can also do: restore deleted photos, audios or videos from SD card, internal hard drive and external hard drive.

  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to do what Stellar can't do: recover both multimedia files and other kinds of data from almost all storage devices that can be recognized by Windows. Besides, it's capable of completing deleted file recovery from missing drives and CD/DVD.

  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is powerful and totally free: users shouldn't worry even if they don't know how to recover deleted photos since it is made up of user-friendly interfaces (with instructions on each window).

  • Power Data Recovery provides an “Undelete Recovery” function to help users restore mistakenly deleted photos, music & video files quickly under guidance. And it also provides a “CD/DVD Recovery” function to deal with compact disk data loss issues.

All in all, just as Jon L. Jacobi – a Freelance Writer at PCWorld said, “Free and effective data recovery is nothing to sneeze at”, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition V7.0 is a piece of free photo recovery software you can't miss since 2015. Share It Out

How to Recover Photos from SD Card

Before you start to recover photos from your SD card with our recommended free photo recovery software, you should notice the following things.

1.Inferior card reader and improper operations could damage your SD card waiting to be recovered, so please choose high-quality card reader and be careful enough when you move SD card from digital camera and connect it to computer.

2.Please check the power supply and cable connection between your SD card and computer to make sure that your card can be recognized for sure.

3.Please don't hurry to save your recovered photos back to SD card since you may only get back the directory structure and it is unreliable if you only check the thumbnails.

4.Never try to format the SD card as suggested if you see a message like this – “You need to format the disk in drive * before you can use it. Do you want to format it?”.

Now, please take out your SD card from digital camera and put it into card reader carefully. Make sure write-protection is disabled if your SD card has such function. Then, connect the SD card to USB interface of computer and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to be well prepared for SD card photo recovery.
Look here to see how to disable write-protection.

Recover Deleted Photos in SD Card

Once users find their SD card can be recognized by computer after it was connected, they could install and launch the free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to start restoring photos, music or video files they need.

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Now, take a look at the following steps to know how to recover deleted pictures from SD card in detail.

Step 1: select one suitable functional module from software main interface based on actual situation.

  • If users only want to get back accidentally deleted photos, they could just click on “Undelete Recovery” to achieve quick file recovery.

  • If users want to restore deleted photos as well as unexpectedly lost multimedia files, they'd better choose “Digital Media Recovery” instead.

Step 2: choose the SD card from partition list as suggested and press “Scan” (in “Undelete Recovery” module) or “Full Scan” (in “Digital Media Recovery”) to search for missing photos, audios, videos or other types of files.

Step 3: look through the found files listed in software interface, pick out what users need and then click “Save” to set a storage path for the files needing to be recovered.

If you found the total size of files selected in step 3 exceeds 1GB, please buy a license to upgrade your software so as to break the 1GB free recovery limit.

Recover from Formatted SD Card

If users lose photos because they have accidentally formatted their SD card, users will see a system prompt saying that their SD card needs to be formatted for further use after they connected SD card to computer properly.

Or if the SD card has been infected with virus somehow, the same situation could happen. And they shouldn't hurry to kill virus first before they complete deleted file recovery to regain all needed files from virus deletion.

In both cases, users should choose “Damaged Partition Recovery from software main window. And then, they also need to perform the following operations: select the SD card from partition list -> press “Full Scan to detect photos -> check needed photos and click on “Save to set a location.

How to Recover Photos from Computer Hard Drive

Imagine this: the photos have been transferred to computer internal hard drive already due to digital camera memory card capacity limit, but them some of them or all of them are lost due to certain reasons, what users should do?

Of course, the answer is also using MiniTool Power Data Recovery (choose free edition or paid editions according to your actual needs). And the process to recover files from hard drive is similar to that of SD card photo recovery.

The only difference is that users need to choose certain internal hard drive partition (which was used to save transferred photos) instead of SD card. So users also need to choose a suitable function from main interface and then follow instruction to continue.
Please note that if your lost photos are saved in system partition, you can't install the recovery software there or perform any other unnecessary operations; otherwise, secondary damage may be brought to make your photos unrecoverable.

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Functions to Accelerate Photo Recovery

Find” feature: when software has finished scanned your selected drive, all found files will be listed in order. At this time, if users found it's too difficult to look through so many files and pick out what they need, they can just click on “Find” from menu bar and enter the file name of photo to find the exact one (click “Find Next” to find more files with the same name).

Filter” feature: this could also help users to find needed files quickly by setting “Filename/Extension”, “Size” and “Date” (creation date or modification date) separately or together.

Extra search for known file types”: by making use of this function, users are able to narrow the search to specified range so as to detect certain file types quickly and accurately. Just click on “Settings” button from lower left corner and then check a few file types and press “OK” to continue.

As a result, we can easily find that MiniTool Power Data Recovery can replace Stellar Photo Recovery tool. What's more, the former is more powerful and professional in function; you can choose to experience them in person.

As for Mac users, whether they need to recover photos or other kinds of files from internal hard drive/movable disk, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a good choice.

3 Ways to Avoid Precious Photo Loss Effectively

Users should adopt the following ways to avoid photo loss as much as possible.

1.Backup valuable photos to local drives and keep the backup upgrading as well each time when you make changes to your photos.

2.Take advantage of internet and online photo album service to backup digital photos in the meantime.

3.Get prepared with powerful photo recovery software right now so that you're able to start restoring photos immediately when photo loss really takes place.

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