Complete Windows 8 Lost Data Recovery with Windows 8 Data Recovery Tool

Windows 8 Is Also Suffering from Data Loss

Although Microsoft is firmly pushing Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 still ranks the third place in desktop OS market share (See the full list). With so many users sticking on Windows 8, Windows data security issue requires more attention. Unluckily, despite of the security updating (four of them are for serious leaks), lots of Windows users still encountered data loss problems caused by malicious attacks. Facing this situation, Windows 8 users undoubtedly want to complete Windows 8 lost data recovery.

windows8 lost data recovery

Generally speaking, professional data recovery software is competent to do Windows 8 data recovery, as long as the data loss is not caused by hard drive physical damage, and the data in it is not over-written. However, due to the unbalanced quality of data recovery software, many Windows 8 users encountered second damage to their lost data. Thus, professional and reliable data recovery software is on demand.

Now, things get easier. Along with the maturing of data recovery technology, famous software developing company - MiniTool Solution Ltd., excellent Windows 8 data recovery tool MiniTool Power Data Recovery (version 7.0) is released, with five modules to cope with data loss caused by different scenarios. With this professional data recovery software, users can easily complete Windows 8 lost data recovery.

How to Complete Windows 8 Lost Data Recovery

To complete Windows 8 lost data recovery with professional data recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users should firstly download this program and then install and launch it to desktop.

Power data recovery free download for windows 8:

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After entering into the main interface of this professional data recovery software, users need to complete Windows 8 data recovery by choosing corresponding functional module according to the reasons lead to data loss.

pdr main interface

For instance, if users want to recover accidentally deleted data, just select "Undelete Recovery" module; if their data loss was caused by partition loss, adopt "Lost Partition Recovery" module to recover lost data from lost partition; for damaged partition, RAW partition and formatted partition, use "Damaged Partition Recovery" to have a deep scan. After selecting the suitable module, users just need to perform data recovery operations according to the detailed prompts given by Power Data Recovery.

We take Damaged Partition Recovery for example.

1. First of all, scan the partition that suffers from data loss. Here is partition E: which is formatted by accident.

scan whole drive

2. Wait until the scanning process is finished. Then we can unfold the tree structure in the left pane to find the data we need to recover. Note in most cases we can press the "Preview" button as well as observe the file information to identify the needed data. Finally, we should click "Save" button and choose a safe location to store the data.

tick needed data

Q & A

Q1. How long will MiniTool Power Data Recovery take for Windows 8 lost data recovery?
A1: The recovery time is closely related to the total size of the data we ticked to recover.

Q2: How much data can I recover by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
A2: The free edition can recover up to 1GB data in total. If you purchase a personal license, that would be unlimited.

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Q3: What if my computer fails to boot, then MiniTool Power Data Recovery seems useless…
A3: Taking system crash into account, we also offer users Power Data Recovery boot disk to do Windows 8 lost data recovery.

Bottom Line

After viewing the explanation above, users already know the way to complete Windows 8 lost data recovery. From now on when users encounter Windows 8 data loss issues, just adopt this professional data recovery tool - MiniTool Power Data Recovery to complete Windows 8 data recovery. This will definitely save time and energy.

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