Recover files from a reformatted hard drive

Formatting is a necessary part for preparing a hard drive for data storage. To be more specific, users are not allowed to save any file on hard drive until they finish formatting. During using, if users don’t want the data in a drive, they can also choose to reformat it to bring it back to initial state. Besides, if users met some problems they can’t solve or they are not satisfied with current file system, to reformat hard drive may be a useful idea. Yet, what if users have reformatted hard drive by mistake? We guess taking actions to recover files from a reformatted hard drive is the most direct solution.

We can’t deny that no matter how experienced we are in computer managing, we still come across some problems when working or studying on the computer. Sometimes, we can solve the problem easily by taking effective measures. However, in other cases, the problem is out of our control. Accidental reformatting to a hard drive is one of such cases. Once we are suffered from this problem, we’re eager to find a practical method for damaged hard drive recovery. But not all of those users get a satisfying answer. Some of them still need a way to recover files from a reformatted hard drive.

Based on above facts, we’d like to offer users our MiniTool Power Data Recovery – a marvelous hard drive data recovery tool, with which they are able to get back lost files from reformatted drive conveniently.

Recover Files from a Reformatted Hard Drive with Ease

Firstly, users are supposed to run Power Data Recovery immediately after installation and then choose the most suitable function for damaged hard drive recovery. That is “Damaged Partition Recovery”.

Secondly, they should click on “Damaged Partition Recovery” function to see its operating interface as shown above. Here, select the reformatted hard drive and perform a full scan to it by clicking “Full Scan”.

Wait patiently for the scanning.

Thirdly, choose the most suggested partition from the partition list shown at the end of full scan. Then, click “Show Files” to see files in it.

Finally, users only need to save need files to a safe location by activating “Save Files” after checking them all.

When all the operations are completed, users can quit the hard drive data recovery tool and end the work to recover files from a reformatted hard drive.

What are you waiting for? Please get MiniTool Power Data Recovery without hesitation to prevent unexpected data loss.

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