Best data recovery freeware

With the popularity of computer, there are more and more computer viruses. As we know, virus attack is very likely to result in data loss. When encountering data loss situations, users would want to recover lost data timely and completely. To complete data recovery, some users turn to professional data recovery companies. Indeed, professionals can help recover lost data completely, but users have to pay extremely high data recovery fees. Therefore, most users hope to find a free method for data recovery. In order to meet these users’ demands, professional software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. developed a piece of professional data recovery software which is called MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It can be regarded as the best data recovery freeware.

Features of the best data recovery freeware
Firstly, it can help users free recover lost data in 1GB. Secondly, powerful functions are able to recover data lost due to almost all logical errors. Thirdly, it can be compatible with all commonly seen Windows operating systems and Windows file systems, so users do not need to worry about compatibility. Fourthly, both success rate and data recovery efficiency are extremely high. At last, detailed operating prompts and friendly interface make it quite easy to recover lost data.
These are just main features of the best data recovery freeware. If users want to know more features, please visit its official website or download the best data recovery freeware to recover lost data by yourselves. If users do not know how to recover lost data by using this software, we will give a demonstration.

Recover lost data by using best data recovery freeware
Step 1: download and install the best data recovery freeware to a partition where data recovery will not be performed, and then run it to get the main interface. Like the following screenshot shows:

Step 2: choose a suitable function to recover lost data according to reasons for data loss. From the main interface, we can see 5 data recovery modules. Different modules are designed to deal with different data loss situations. “Undelete Recovery” module is used to recover deleted data; “Damaged Partition Recovery” is specially designed to recover lost data from logically damaged partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” module can help users recover lost data from lost partition; “Digital Media Recovery” module is capable of recovering digital media files only; “CD/DVD Recovery” is able to recover lost data from CD/DVD.
Step 3: find and recover desired data to a safe place according to prompts.
As long as users take operations according to these steps, best data recovery freeware can help recover lost data quite easily.

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