Best DVD recovery software

DVD, the acronym of Digital Versatile Disc, can be utilized to play high-definition movies, play high-quality music files, and store large capacity data with its multiple functions. Compared with VCD, DVD has nearly the same appearance and data read technology, but DVD has much larger capacity. That is because the light spot generated by optical read head of DVD is larger, so the storage density is enhanced within same size. Therefore, DVD storage capacity is enlarged correspondingly. DVD has been universally welcomed by numerous users as the most prevalent optical disc memory due to its large capacity. And users can utilize them to save precious classical videos or songs.

However, with DVD use getting more frequent, an increasing number of users encounter data loss situations every now and then. At this time, many users tend to resort to professional data recovery companies or make use of data recovery software. However, the first solution is obviously not advisable, because users have to pay high charges for data recovery and run the risk of leaking privacy. Therefore, to resort to DVD recovery software is the best choice for data recovery. Nevertheless, there is too much data recovery software in the current market, and most of them are of low quality. If users choose a defective one, there is every chance that they cannot realize DVD data recovery effectively or even encounter complete DVD data damage, making it impossible to recover DVD data. Consequently, to avoid those issues, it is highly recommended users choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the best powerful DVD recovery software, to recover DVD data. If users want to use MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they need to download and install it from After that, launch the best DVD recovery software and then the main interface of it appears.

Just as users see that the software consists of five functional modules. And each of them is designed to recover data in various situations. Therefore, if users want to recover DVD data, they should select corresponding module according to the actual scenarios. To let users further know about it, we will perform DVD data recovery with the help of "CD/DVD recovery" functional module.

After users click "CD/DVD Recovery", the corresponding interface emerges just as above. At this time, users need to select your own CD-ROM drive, and then click "Open" function button in the above interface. Next, the software will fully scan DVD data rapidly, following an interface:


All DVD data will be presented after scan. At this time, users need to choose the needed data. However, if users still cannot find the desired data among the scanned ones, they should click "Back" to last interface, and then click "Full Scan" to scan the whole DVD. When the operation is performed, users need to choose DVD data needing to be recovered and then click "Save Files" to save the recovered data to a safe location. Then, interface below appears:

In this interface, users can click “Browse…” button to specify a storage location for data, and then click "OK" to save the settings. After all operations are performed, the whole job to recover DVD data with best DVD recovery software is realized successfully.

From what we have introduced users must have known that MiniTool Power Data Recovery has comprehensive functions especially to accomplish DVD data recovery. Therefore, if users are facing DVD data loss situations, hurry to download this best DVD recovery software to tackle the issue, and it will be the best choice.

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