Best free file recovery program

Windows users often meet file loss caused by accidental deletion, partition table damage, partition loss, and other logical failures. To recover lost files completely, users need the help of file recovery program. Of course, free file recovery program is preferred by more computer users. Excellent free file recovery program makes it so easy and secure to recover lost files. Before file recovery, users should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Free file recovery program can not be installed to the partition where file recovery will be made.
2. Don’t write new data in the storage device where file loss emerges.
3. Storage device used to save recovered files should be big enough to store all recovered files.
4. Recovered files can not be saved to original partition.

After knowing these aspects, users need to download professional free file recovery program to computer. Since the current software market is full of file recovery programs with poor quality, many users hope to get file recovery program recommendation. Here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is strongly recommended, and it can be downloaded from As long as file loss is caused by soft errors, this free file recovery program can help recover lost files effectively and completely. Moreover, it can be used in all mainstream Windows operating systems and supports commonly seen Windows file systems, so users do not need to worry about compatibility. Users also do not need to worry about operability, because detailed prompts will be given. If users doubt operability of this free file recovery program, please look at the following introduction.
After opening this free file recovery program, we can see its main interface:

In the main interface, as long as users move mouse pointer to data recovery module, corresponding functional information will appear at the bottom. For example, if we move mouse cursor to the first functional module “Undelete Recovery”, prompt information boxed with red line namely “Recover accidentally deleted files and folders” will appear. After selecting desired module, we can see operating interface where detailed prompts are offered, too.

With these prompts, users will be quite clear about following operations. Since prompt information will be shown in every interface, users are able to recover lost files easily and successfully.
Now, download this free file recovery program to recover lost files.

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