Best Windows file recovery program

Many Windows users are often troubled by file loss since they are unfamiliar with Windows file recovery. Of course, they can resort to professional data recovery companies, but they have to pay pretty high file recovery fees. Well, how can these users recover lost files in Windows economically or even freely? They need the help of Windows file recovery program. Since file loss situations appear more and more frequently, data recovery industry develops rapidly. In addition to data recovery companies, software development companies emerge, too. Famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. develops a professional Windows file recovery program which can help recover lost files in Windows perfectly. It can be regarded as the best Windows file recovery program. Reasons are as follows:
1. Powerful functions can help accomplish all-sided file recovery work.
2. Extremely high security can help ensure file security.
3. It can be compatible with all commonly seen Windows operating systems.
4. Operations are so simple that newcomers can use it to complete good Windows file recovery.
5. 1GB free file recovery service is provided.

Maybe, some users are doubtful about file recovery competence of this best Windows file recovery program. Now, let’s see it visually. After running it successfully, we can see the following interface:

This is the main interface of the best Windows file recovery program. In this interface, we can see 5 file recovery modules which can help recover files lost due to all commonly seen soft errors such as mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, partition loss, and malicious deletion. After selecting desired module, we can see its operating interface where detailed prompts are given. For instance, after we select the functional module “Undelete Recovery”, the following interface will appear:

In this interface, prompts are given to show users the next operation. Actually, detailed prompts are given in every operating interface, so users do not need to worry about operation.
When desired files are saved to a safe place according to prompts, best Windows file recovery program helps recover lost files in Windows successfully. Now, if users want to download this best Windows file recovery program, please visit the official website

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