CD data recovery freeware

Along with the development of storage technology, different storage devices are launched to help store data, such as mobile hard drive, memory card, memory bar, T-flash card, CD and DVD. Just as the same as using computer hard drive, users also encountered data loss in these storage devices. Unfortunately, some data recovery solutions working on computer are not effective on these storage devices. Take CD data loss as example, the data recovery software dealing with computer data loss may be not compatible with CD. If users want to gain the effective CD data recovery solution, learn factors resulting in CD data loss first:
1. Ultraviolet rays. Being irradiated by the strong light, the CD coating dye fast get metamorphism. For instance, after being exposed under sunshine in summer noon for three or more days, CD-R disk coated with Cyanine dye will be scrapped, resulting in data loss.
2. Manual damage. If CD disc is scratched, broken, polluted or damaged by users’ actions, CD data will also get lost.
3. Software faults. CD data loss also is created by software faults like accidental deletion and computer virus attacks.
4. Aging. Generally, as time goes by, CD disc will age for coating dye impureness and oxidation, resulting in data loss.
All these factors are physical damage, except software faults. At present, the only solution to physical damage is resorting professional data recovery companies, which costs much. Luckily, most of the commonly seen data loss events result from software faults. Thus, users can solve them with professional CD data recovery freeware. The CD data recovery freeware with powerful functions and simple operation is undoubtedly the best choice. For instance, MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

CD data recovery
After users download MiniTool Power Data Recovery via the official website, install it in computer. Then, put CD into optical drive and start this professional CD data recovery freeware. Click “CD/DVD Recovery” functional module on the main interface, and then users will enter this operating interface:

Here, users can scan for lost CD data by clicking “Open” or “Full Scan”. The latter one will scan CD more thoroughly. After the lost CD data are scanned out, users need to check desired data and click “Save Files” to keep them in computer hard drive partition first. After all data are recovered, users can transfer them to CD, perfectly protecting data security during the CD data recovery process.

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