CD disc recovery software

The solution to CD data loss undoubtedly becomes the hot topic among all computer users, because many computer users once encountered CD data loss events in the using process of CD disc. Before carrying out CD data recovery, users should know the factors causing CD data loss first.
1. Software defaults. CD data loss also is created by software faults like accidental deletion and computer virus attacks.
2. Manual damage. If CD disc is scratched, broken, polluted or damaged by users’ actions, CD data will also get lost.
3. Aging. Generally, as time goes by, CD disc will age for coating dye impureness and oxidation, resulting in data loss.
4. Ultraviolet rays. Being irradiated by the strong light, the CD coating dye fast get metamorphism. For instance, after being exposed under sunshine in summer noon for three or more days, CD-R disk coated with Cyanine dye will be scrapped, resulting in data loss.
Professional data recovery companies are able to solve all these problems, but they generally charge for high fees. Since most data loss problems results from the first factor and can be solved cost-effectively by using professional CD disc recovery software, users are advised to adopt the CD data recovery software. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the CD data recovery software recommended on professional download center, guide users to carry out CD data recovery with ease.

Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to Carry out CD disc recovery
To recover lost CD disc data with professional CD data disk recovery software, users should firstly download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, put CD disc in computer and start this CD disc recovery software. After entering the main interface, to recover lost CD data, choose the specific functional module “CD/DVD Disk Recovery” to enter operating interface , as follows:

On this interface, users should choose the CD disc with data loss problem first. Then, click “Full Scan” to completely scan CD. After that a new interface displaying found lost CD data will emerge. Here, check desired data and click “Save Files” to specify a safe location for the lost data. After all operations are accomplished, users thoroughly complete CD disc recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

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