Computer Data Recovery Windows 7

Data loss problems take more and more frequently on Windows 7, users begin to rely on third-party data recovery software because there is no effective solution provided on this operating system. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery is professional Windows data recovery software; users can use it to realize computer data recovery on Windows 7 in many different situations. It can be downloaded from the official website

Data loss problems
Generally, causes to data loss problems are attributed to two aspects: physical faults and soft faults. Physical faults always cause serious data loss problems. We have to resort to professionals in order to solve the problem. As to soft faults, this kind of problem can be solved with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, including
1. formatting partition
2. deleting data
3. deleting partition
4. virus attack
5. partition inaccessible
6. software crash

According to different situations, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides different modules to recover lost data. The following picture shows its main interface.

"Undelete Recovery" module can recover deleted photos and other kinds of data from computer hard disks and other kinds of storage devices.
"Damaged Partition Recovery" module can recover various kinds of data from formatted partition or storage devices.
"Lost Partition Recovery" module can recover data from deleted partition.
"Digital Media Recovery" module is earmarked for photo recovery, audio recovery and video recovery.
"CD/DVD Recovery" module is able to recover lost data form CD and DVD.

Then we'll demonstrate how to recover deleted data on Windows 7.
Click "Undelete Recovery" module. Users will see the following interface.

Select the partition where the deleted data were stored and click "Recover" to scan it. The following interface will be shown.

Find and check the files that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them to a safe location instead of the original partition, finishing recovering deleted files on Windows 7.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: