Data recovery for crash

One of my friends has encountered such a situation where operating system crashed because of virus attack. As a result, all important data stored on desktop were lost. Under this kind of situations, data recovery for crash is the best solution to data loss. Many users know professional data recovery software can help recover lost data effectively and safely, but they are still in great trouble. That is because most data recovery software does not work when operating system crashes. If users want to complete data recovery for crash, they should select a piece of data recovery software which can boot itself and computer automatically. Nowadays, since it is quite difficult to find professional bootable data recovery software, many users have to turn to professional data recovery companies when operating system crashes, thus costing plenty of money.
Users who are reading this article are lucky enough, because we will introduce a piece of professional data recovery software which can help recover lost data completely and safely when operating system crashes. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. As long as users download bootable edition of the data recovery software and burn it to boot disk, they can use it to recover lost data successfully.
After running this data recovery software successfully, we can see its main interface like the following screenshot shows:

In this interface, 4 data recovery modules are displayed. Different modules are designed to cope with different data loss situations. “Undelete Recovery” helps recover data deleted by virus or deleted due to mistaken operation. “Damaged Partition Recovery” is able to recover data from logically damaged partition like formatted partition, reformatted partition, and inaccessible partition. “Lost Partition Recovery” is the best choice when data loss is caused by partition loss. “Digital Media Recovery” is capable of recovering digital media files only. As long as users find the most suitable module and take operations according to detailed prompts, data recovery for crash can be realized very easily and successfully. Now, visit to download this data recovery software.

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