Data recovery for USB device

Currently, USB device is a kind of quite commonly used storage device since it is portable and cheap as well as supports hot plugging. But unfortunately, data loss often emerges on USB device since this kind of storage devices are often used in different computers, thus increasing possibility of virus attack. To recover lost data from USB device, users have 2 choices. One is to turn to professional data recovery companies, and the other is to use data recovery software. If users want to complete data recovery for USB device without costing money, using data recovery software is the best choice.
On the software market, there is much data recovery software, but most does not support free data recovery. Moreover, most free data recovery software can not accomplish data recovery for USB device safely and completely or does not support USB device data recovery. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a piece of free data recovery software which is capable of recovering lost data for USB device perfectly. But now, we will recommend users a piece of professional free data recovery software which owns extremely powerful USB device data recovery competence. From the official website, users can free download it. After installation, we can run it to recover lost data from USB device.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the very data recovery software we recommend. It is able to recover USB device data lost due to almost all logical errors like mistaken deletion, malicious deletion, and logical device damage. The following screenshot is the main interface of this free data recovery software:

From this interface, we can see 5 data recovery modules. Different modules have different functions. For example, “Undelete Recovery” is able to recover mistakenly or maliciously deleted data while “Damaged Partition Recovery” can help recover lost data from logically damaged USB device. As long as we select the most suitable module according to data loss situations, data recovery for USB device can be realized in several steps.

When you are troubled by USB device data loss, try downloading this data recovery software to recover lost data from USB device.

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