Data Recovery for Windows Server 2008

Data is the soul of Server. Thus, compared with common Windows PC, server has a higher security requirement. We believe that every Server user want to keep their data absolutely safe. Take Windows Server 2008 for example. We can protect data by taking the measures below.
1. Establishing firewall: we can use firewall to intercept many attacks.
2. Installing antivirus software: excellent antivirus software can defend against most of the viruses.
3. Backing up important data: the most commonly used method for backing up data is copying and pasting. If there are many data to copy, we'd better use data copy software.
4. Avoiding mistaken operation as much as possible.

Those measures can protect data effectively, but they can not exclude data loss problems thoroughly. For example, antivirus software can not detect and kill all viruses or we can not ward off all mistaken operations, either. And those are contributing to data loss problems.
Since we can not completely preclude data loss problems, we have to prepare an emergency measure. Data recovery for Windows Server 2008 is necessary. Although most of the data recovery software in the software market is not compatible with Windows Server operating systems because of their unique structure, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an exception. Of high compatibility, the free data recovery software supports all common Windows operating systems. So we can use it to perform Windows Server 2008 data recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery
The free data recovery software can be downloaded from the official website The following picture shows its main interface.

We can use the five modules to carry out data recovery for Windows Server 2008 in many situations.
"Undelete Recovery" module is able to recover deleted data from computer hard disk and mobile storage devices;
"Damaged Partition Recovery" module can recover data from formatted partition;
"Lost Partition Recovery" module can recover data from lost partition and deleted partition;
"Digital Media Recovery" module is able to recover lost photos, videos and audios from computer and external equipment;
"CD/DVD Recovery" module is able to recover lost data from CD and DVD.

Almost all data loss problems resulting from soft faults can be solved. Windows Server 2008 data recovery can be realized easily.

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