Data recovery freeware

When users need to carry out data recovery? How to carry out data recovery? In computer field, Data recovery is the hot topic. Data recovery technology enables users to recover lost data from data storage devices such as computer hard drive, mobile hard drive, U disk, memory card, memory bar and T-flash card. When important data get lost or becomes inaccessible for damages on storage medium or soft faults such as accidental operations, malicious attacks and operating system defects, users have to suffer losses. Under such kind of situations, if users have no backup files or backup files is also lost or damaged, data recovery is undoubtedly the best remedial measure.
To effectively complete data recovery, users can adopt three solutions – modifying registry table, resorting to professional data recovery companies or using professional data recovery freeware. As modifying registry table is too complicated that common users have to give up it. How to make best choice between left two solutions? If data gets lost due to hardware defects such as bad track, firmware information loss, circuit board fault, disc fault and firmware damage, resorting to professional data recovery companies is better. This is because almost all data recovery freeware can’t recover data lost for physical damage. When should users adopt professional data recovery freeware? When data gets lost due to soft faults such as formatting, deletion, partition loss, low level formatting and partition loss, adopting professional data recovery freeware is better. This is because professional data recovery companies always charge for high fees while the data recovery freeware doesn’t. Moreover, using data recovery freeware to carry out operations can resist data leakage. Since lots of data recovery freeware with functional defects exist on current software market, users should be very careful when choosing data recovery freeware. If users have no suitable data recovery freeware, please visit the official website of the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to download it.

Use professional data recovery freeware to recover lost data
After downloading and installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery, start this data recovery freeware to enter the main interface, as follows:

Here are five data recovery functional modules. To recover lost data, choose the suitable data recovery functional module according to the real situation. This data recovery freeware will provide users with detailed operating prompts, so users just need to carry out operations by following it. Finally, save recovered data in a safe location to avoid overwriting original data, or the lost data will suffer secondary damage. After that, users thoroughly complete data recovery.

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