Data recovery from formatted disk partition

When data information stored on one partition is useless, or when users need to replace old hard disk, they often format disk partition to release free space or erase private information. Nevertheless, many users have encountered the situation where important data are formatted by mistake. Under this situation, if they can not recover lost data timely, they are easy to suffer serious losses. Well then, how can users complete data recovery from formatted disk partition? Many users choose to ask professional data recovery companies for help, which is indeed an effective method for formatted partition data recovery. Nevertheless, users have to pay high data recovery fees or even risk privacy leakage. Here, we will introduce a good method which can help accomplish data recovery from formatted disk partition safely and freely. That is to use professional data recovery freeware.
There is a lot of professional data recovery software on the internet, but most software is expensive. In addition, most data recovery freeware has functional defects. Therefore, many users can not find desired data recovery freeware and recover lost data timely and effectively. To help these users accomplish data recovery from formatted disk partition quickly and safely, we recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover lost data in all commonly seen Windows operating, and no professional knowledge is required. Next, we will show how to recover lost data from formatted partition by using MiniTol Power Data Recovery.

Detailed steps to recover lost data from formatted partition by using data recovery freeware
Step 1: visit the official website to download this professional data recovery freeware.
Step 2: install it to computer and run it to get the main interface:

Step 3: select the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery”.
Step 4: choose the formatted partition where data loss appears.
Step 5: select the partition state which is most similar with that of desired formatted partition.
Step 6: check data which need recovering and save recovered data to a safe place.

After that, data recovery from formatted disk partition is finished thoroughly. When users need to recover lost data, try using professional data recovery freeware.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: