Data recovery of memory card

In the era when information-based society develops at an amazing speed, performance of electronic equipment is promoted largely. For instance, users can take high definition photos by using both digital camera and mobile phone. As we know, photos are always stored to memory card. If users operate memory card frequently or illegally, they will meet different kinds of problems like logical damage to memory card and mistaken deletion. And these problems may result in photo loss. If users want to get lost photos back, they should perform data recovery of memory card timely and effectively.

Nowadays, data recovery software is widely used to recover data lost due to logical errors. If users want to do data recovery of memory card by using data recovery software, they should pay attention to the following aspects:
  • Stop writing in new data to memory card.
  • Recover lost data of memory card as soon as possible.
  • Recovered data can not be saved to original memory card.

Talking about data recovery software, many users feel helpless since they do not know which one is good. Here, professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is suggested. It is able to recover deleted data and recover lost data from logically damaged memory card. Next, let’s see how to complete data recovery from logically damaged memory card by using this data recovery software.

Steps to recover lost data from logically damaged memory card
1. Download the professional data recovery software to computer from the official website and install it to a certain partition.
2. Connect memory card to computer and run software to open its main interface:

3. Select the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery” to recover lost data from logically damaged memory card.
4. Choose the memory card where data loss emerges and click scanning button to scan it.
5. Select the memory card state which is most similar with that of desired memory card and open it to show data.
6. Check data which need recovering and save them to another storage device.
After these operations, data recovery of memory card will be finished thoroughly.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: