Data recovery on USB device

Nowadays, USB device can be seen everywhere, and it is mainly used to transmit data among different computers. Nevertheless, USB device is easy to be infected by virus since it is used among multiple computers. After virus invasion, data loss may emerge. Under this situation, how to complete data recovery on USB device? There are 2 commonly seen ways to recover lost data from USB device, namely resorting to professional data recovery companies and using professional data recovery software. However, most users are willing to use professional data recovery software since professional data recovery companies charge extremely high data recovery fees or even steal private information. There are so many reasons for choosing data recovery software to perform data recovery on USB device:

  • Free data recovery service can be provided, so users can save much money.
  • Both data recovery efficiency and success rate can be ensured.
  • Privacy leakage can be avoided thoroughly.
  • Data recovery can be realized very easily and effectively.

These are just a part of reasons. Seeing the above introduction, if users want to download a piece of professional data recovery software, please visit to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Next, we will show users how to recover lost data from USB device by using professional data recovery software.

How to complete data recovery on USB device by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
At first, users need to download and install the data recovery software to computer. Then, connect USB device to computer. Next, launch the software to get the following interface:

Here, users need to select the most suitable module to recover lost data from USB device according to actual demands. For example, if users want to recover deleted data, they should select the functional module “Undelete Recovery”. Then, detailed prompts will be given to help complete remaining operations. When desired data are saved to a safe place, data recovery on USB device will be finished completely.
Note: recovered data can not be saved to original USB device.

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