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Along with the maturity of CD technology, lots of computer users prefer storing data with CD. Users benefit a lot from this data storage way, but they also are bothered because of the CD choice among diverse CD. In order to fast find suitable CD, users can learn the types of CD first.
1. Data disk CD-ROM. Data disk is of Mode 1 which only allows data storage and Mode 2 allowing video and audio file storage.
2. CD-ROM/XA. CD-ROM/XA is the derived type of CD-ROM Mode 2 which is able to store data as well as video and audio file.
3. CD-I. Such kind of CD module supports multimedia including wordage, image, audio and video, animation and photo.
4. Audio disc CD-DA. This disk only store audio information. According to the rules of “Red Book”, audio file should be binary information modulated by pulse codes of 44.1KHZ sampling frequency and represented by 16bit sampling value.

After knowing features of several commonly seen CD, users can choose corresponding CD according to the real situation. While choosing the suitable CD, users should also employ a piece of excellent data recovery software. This is because the increasing computer virus attacks and accidental operations may cause CD data to get lost. Since data recovery software can guide users knowing no CD data recovery knowledge to solve CD data loss, free download the professional Data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery via the official website now.

Carry out CD data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To carry out CD data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users should firstly download and install it. Then, put CD in computer driver and start this professional data recovery software.

After entering the main interface of this Data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, choose “CD/DVD Recovery” functional module, and then scan the lost CD data to check desired CD data. After that, save recovered data in safe location. Users also thoroughly complete CD data recovery with the Data recovery software!

Note: Stop write new data in CD as soon as the data get lost and don’t save recovered data into CD before CD data recovery process is completed, or the lost data will be overwritten and even irrecoverable.

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