Data recovery tool for Windows

In Windows, data loss can not be avoided completely, so it is very necessary to equip Windows computer with a professional data recovery tool. However, many users have difficulties in finding excellent data recovery tool for Windows. Reasons are as follows:
  • Most excellent data recovery tools are quite expensive.
  • Many free or cheap data recovery tools have defects in function, security, or compatibility.
  • A lot of inferior data recovery tools are filled with the entire software market, and it is difficult to recognize really excellent data recovery tools.

Considering these factors, we recommend a definitely excellent data recovery tool for Windows users. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Reasons for recommending this data recovery tool will be shown below:
1. Own powerful data recovery competence and can meet almost all demands for Windows data recovery.
2. Support all mainstream Windows operating systems and commonly seen storage devices.
3. Data recovery efficiency and success rate can be ensured.
4. Help users save much money and avoid data leakage.

Next, let’s see detailed functions of this data recovery tool for Windows. As long as we launch it successfully, detailed functions will appear:

In this interface, we can see 5 data recovery modules. Different modules are used to recover lost data in different situations. To recover deleted data, users need to choose the functional module “Undelete Recovery”. If users want to recover lost data from logically damaged partition like formatted partition, reformatted partition, and inaccessible partition, they should select the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery”. If users want to recover lost data from deleted or lost partition, please choose “Lost Partition Recovery” module. If users just want to recover digital media files such as photos, video, and audio, they can choose “Digital Media Recovery” module. In addition, the professional data recovery tool for Windows also supports data recovery on CD and DVD, and “CD/DVD Recovery” is the corresponding module.

After selecting desired module, we can see detailed prompts. As long as we do as told, lost data can be recovered so easily and completely. Now, hurry to download this professional data recovery tool for Windows from

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