Data recovery under Windows XP

Though new operating systems are launched, many Windows users still prefer using Windows XP. Indeed, users benefit a lot from the use of Windows XP, but sometime they have to meet troubles and losses brought by Windows XP. For instance, the popularity of Windows XP draws virus developers’ eyes, resulting in Windows XP virus overflowing. Now, lots of viruses developed for the Windows XP operating system exists, and they threaten important computer data all the time. One of the most serious problems resulting from virus attacks is data loss. If the lost data have great value, users undoubtedly want to get them back. Is it possible?

Data loss problems resulting from virus attacks can be solved
Since data recovery technology becomes mature, users can solve data loss problems resulting from virus attacks now. The commonly seen data loss problems caused by virus attacks include:
  • Destroying partition file system and making partition inaccessible.
  • Destroying hard drive partition table to cause partition loss.
  • Maliciously important data deletion.
  • Formatting partition with “Format” command.
Under these situations, to complete data recovery under Windows XP more pointedly, users should to avoid overwriting lost data first. Then, you can completely carry out effective data recovery under Windows XP.

Carry out data recovery under Windows XP with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Although viruses can cause data loss problems by many ways, users can solve all of them with all-in-one solution – using professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This is because this data recovery software has comprehensive data recovery functions. Each of the functional modules can deal with one or more data loss problems, so as long as users choose the most suitable data recovery functional module, you can completely and effectively recover lost important Windows XP data.
If users have no suitable excellent data recovery software, please download the recommended excellent data recovery software via The, install and enter the main interface of the data recovery software.

There are five functional modules “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery” and “CD/DVD Recovery”. After users choose one of the functional modules according to the real need, they can carry out following steps according to the detailed operating prompts. Note: When saving recovered data, users should avoid saving them in partition where partition get lost, or the original data will be overwritten, which results in secondary data damage and even permanently data loss.

If users don’t know how to carry out data recovery under Windows XP, please visit the official website to view the corresponding operating demo. After experiencing the operations of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you will also love it!

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