Data Recovery Windows 8

Nowadays, Windows 8 becomes more and more popular. Under this operating system, users can get much wonderful experience. In addition, powerful functions and high security bring users much convenience. Nevertheless, since Windows 8 is an excellent operating system, more and more lawbreakers target it. As a result, Windows 8 is often attacked by virus, hacker, or other malware, resulting in Windows 8 data loss. In addition to malware attack, mistaken operation like delete important data by mistake and format partition mistakenly is also a big reason for Windows 8 data loss.
Data loss is unquestionably a big disaster for Windows 8 users if they can not recover lost data timely and completely. That is because data loss may bring users much trouble or even serious economic losses. Well then, how can users complete data recovery in Windows 8 timely and effectively? Considering data recovery fees and data security, users had better use data recovery software. There is professional data recovery software which can offer cheap or even free data recovery service. More importantly, all-sided data recovery functions can meet almost all demands for data recovery in Windows 8. Next, we will introduce such a piece of professional data recovery software.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the very data recovery software we introduce. After running it successfully, we can see its all-sided data recovery functions:

Here, 5 data recovery modules are displayed. By making use of these modules, we can recover data lost due to almost all soft errors such as mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, partition loss, and logical partition damage. Users do not need to worry about operation, because detailed prompts are given in very step. When desired data are saved to a safe place according to prompts, data recovery in Windows 8 will be finished thoroughly.

If users want to ensure completeness of data recovery, they should pay attention to the following 3 aspects:
1. Stop writing data in the partition where data loss emerges.
2. Data recovery software can not be downloaded and installed to the partition where data recovery in Windows 8 will be made.
3. Recovered data had better not be saved to original partition.

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