Data recovery Windows Server 2008

Compared with Windows PC, Windows server requires pretty high data security. Therefore, server users should take all-sided measures to protect server data. Well then, what kind of measures server users should take? First of all, they need to back up important data. Then, install powerful anti-virus software and open Windows firewall. Next, refuse to receive or open unknown files and emails. At last, be cautious about every operation to avoid mistaken operation.

However, we can not say server data are absolutely safe after taking measures above, because these measures can only help avoid data loss effectively but not completely. Nowadays, server data loss still emerges frequently. When data loss appears, data recovery becomes the best way to reduce or even avoid troubles and economic losses. Well then, how can server users complete data recovery? As long as data loss is caused by logical errors, users can resort to professional data recovery software, which can save much money and avoid privacy leakage completely. Here, we take data recovery in Windows Server 2008 for example to show detailed steps to recover lost data in Windows server.

How to recover lost data in Windows Server 2008 by using professional data recovery software?
Before data recovery in Windows Server 2008, users need to download a piece of professional data recovery software. On the current software market, users can find a lot of data recovery software, but not any one is suitable. If users download software which has defects, they may fail to complete data recovery in Windows Server 2008. What’s worse, lost data disappear forever. If users haven’t found excellent data recovery software to recover lost data in Windows Server 2008, try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It can be compatible with all mainstream Windows operating systems. After installation, launch it to get the main interface:

In the interface above, users need to choose a functional module on the ground of reasons for data loss. For example, if data loss results from partition loss, users need to choose the functional module “Lost Partition Recovery”. Functional introduction of each module will appear at the bottom of the main interface when users move mouse cursor to corresponding module. After selecting suitable module, users should scan the partition where data loss appears. After scan, find and check data which need recovering. At last, save desired data to a safe place (had better another storage device). After this operation, professional data recovery software completes data recovery in Windows Server 2008 thoroughly.

Actually, recommended data recovery software can be used to recover lost data in other Windows Server operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2012. If users are troubled by server data loss results from logical errors, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data.

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