DVD recovery tool

During the long using process, data may be lost from DVD for physical factors such as:
● Ultraviolet rays. Being irradiated by the strong light, the DVD coating dye fast get metamorphism. For instance, after being exposed under sunshine in summer noon for three or more days, DVD-R disk coated with Cyanine dye will be scrapped.
● Manual damage (DVD is scratched, broken, polluted or damaged).
● Aging. Generally, as time goes by, DVD will age for coating dye impureness and oxidation.

All these factors are physical damage. At present, the only solution to physical damage is resorting professional data recovery companies, which costs much. However, data loss resulting from such kind of factors is much less than that caused by non-physical factors:
● Improper operations. If users accidentally delete data, format partition or delete partition, data will be lost.
● Virus attacks.
● Application crashes emerging when users use DVD on computer.

When data loss events emerge under these situations, users can carry out DVD data recovery by manual at home, reducing DVD data recovery cost to largest extent. No matter whether you have DVD data recovery experience or knowledge, the professional DVD recovery tool MiniTool Power Data Recovery will guide you to complete all operations with ease.

Is this DVD data recovery powerful enough to complete DVD data recovery?
Is this DVD data recovery powerful enough to complete DVD data recovery? If users want to know answer. Put DVD into optical drive and start this professional DVD recovery tool. Users will see five different functional modules on its main interface. To recover lost DVD data, click “CD/DVD Recovery” functional module on the main interface, and then enter this operating interface:

Here, users can scan for lost DVD data by clicking “Open” or “Full Scan”. The latter one will scan DVD more thoroughly. After the lost DVD data are scanned out, users need to check desired data and click “Save Files” to specify a safe location for the lost data. After all data are recovered, users can transfer them to DVD, perfectly protecting data from being overwritten during the DVD data recovery process. For more details, please visit the official website of https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/.

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