Files recovery software

Files recovery software plays important role in protecting data security. With files recovery software, users can carry out lost files recovery by themselves more easily, costing little money and suffering low data leakage risk. The key to safely and completely recover all lost files is to avoid overwriting lost data. This is because once lost data are overwritten, the recovered data will be incomplete and even irrecoverable. Besides writing new files in location where lost files exist, factors causing the situation where lost data are overwritten include low data recovery ability of file recovery software and improper fragments clearing.

Disk fragment causes data to be overwritten
Why clearing disk fragments causes data to be overwritten? Learn the information about disk fragment first. Disk fragments are just file fragments. Files are separately stored in different locations of disk but not kept in sequential disk clusters in series. After users repeatedly write and delete files on hard drive, the free sectors will exist in discontinuous physical locations on the whole disk, resulting in the situation where files are not stored in sequential sectors. Disk fragments management is to rewrite hard drive files through built-in software or professional disk fragment management software, which keep files in series. Therefore, clearing disk fragments operation will overwrite data.
If users’ files get lost for disk fragment clearing, timely carrying out files recovery with files recovery software is very important. Among all files recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is highly recommended. This files recovery software is excellent in aspects such as function, security, operability and compatibility.

Recover lost files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To recover files lost for disk fragments clearing, users should firstly visit the official website to download this powerful files recovery software first. After Then, install it on partition not to operate and start it to enter the main interface:

This files recovery software can guide users to carry out operations with detailed operating prompts in every step. According to the real situation, choose suitable functional module to start recovery here. Next, follow the detailed operating prompts to complete lost files recovery step by step. At the last step, users should avoid saving recovered files in partition where lost files exist, or once lost files are overwritten by the recovered files, the files recovery will be failure.

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