Formatted data recovery

In the process of partition management or storage device management, formatting is a quite commonly seen situation. For example, when most data stored on a certain partition or storage device are useless, users can format partition or storage device to release free space; users format partition or storage device by mistake. As we know, all data will be lost after formatting. And many users have encountered data loss because of mistaken formatting.
Actually, formatted data can be recovered as long as users can find a good method. What’s the reason? Formatting partition or storage device is only the process of marking all data as deleted or directly emptying file allocation table and does not bring any influence on data area. That is to say data stored on formatted storage device are still stored in original place safely before new data are written in. Under this situation, as long as users perform formatted data recovery timely and effectively, lost data can be recovered completely.
Currently, using professional data recovery software is the best choice for formatted data recovery rather than resorting to professional data recovery companies. That is because professional data recovery software not only can help recover formatted data but can save much money while professional data recovery companies charge extremely high fees. Excellent data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is highly recommended for Windows users. Next, let’s use this data recovery software to perform formatted data recovery.

Recover formatted data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, download the professional data recovery software to computer from its official website Then, install and run it. After running it successfully, we can see the following interface:

In this interface, we can see 5 different data recovery modules, and we should select the functional module which can help accomplish formatted data recovery namely “Damaged Partition Recovery”. Detailed functional information of each module will appear at the bottom as long as we move mouse pointer to corresponding module. Then, choose the damaged storage device where formatted data recovery will be made and click scanning button to scan it. After scan, the data recovery software will show us all data it found from this partition, and we need to check and save desired data to a safe place. After saving, formatted data recovery will be finished successfully and completely.

Do you want to recover formatted data? Download this professional data recovery software.

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