Free data recovery on lost partition

In Windows, partition loss is a commonly seen situation. There are 3 main factors for Windows partition loss, namely mistaken operation, virus attack, and software crash. Once partition loss appears, all data stored on lost partition will be lost. If lost data are quite significant, we believe almost all users hope to recover lost data completely. Users who are used to backing up important data can recover lost data very easily with the help of backup. But for users who do not make backup timely, they have to look for other solutions.
Currently, there are 2 ways to recover lost data from lost partition: ask professionals for help and use data recovery software. If users adopt the first method, there are 3 disadvantages:
1. Data recovery fees are extremely high.
2. Privacy leakage may emerge.
3. Lost data can not be recovered timely, resulting in data overwriting.

However, if users adopt the second method, the above 3 disadvantages can be avoided. In addition, data recovery efficiency, success rate, and data security can be ensured. In order to meet users’ demands for Windows data recovery on lost partition better, we recommend a piece of powerful data recovery freeware, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If users want to get detailed operations of free data recovery on lost partition, let’s see a demonstration.

Recover lost data from lost partition by using data recovery freeware
Before data recovery on lost partition, we need to download the data recovery freeware from its official website Then, install and run it to get the main interface:

In the main interface, please select the functional module “Lost Partition Recovery”.
Then, scan the disk where partition loss emerges to find desired lost partition.
Next, scan desired partition to find data which need recovering.
At last, check and save desired data to a safe place. Note: we had better save recovered data to another storage device so as to avoid data overwriting.

After these steps, free data recovery on lost partition is finished thoroughly. For more information about this data recovery freeware, visit its official website.

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