Free disk data recovery in Windows 7

On the basis of Windows Vista, Microsoft released Windows 7, another classical Windows PC operating system after Windows XP. In Windows 7, users can experience higher efficiency, more powerful functions, better visual effect, and other advantages. But unfortunately, Windows 7 users often encounter disk data loss due to different kinds of reasons. If users can not recover important or confidential data timely and effectively, they may suffer great trouble or serious losses.

It is believed that almost all users hope to complete free disk data recovery in Windows 7. Therefore, we recommend using free data recovery software to recover disk data since professional data recovery companies charge pretty high data recovery fees. On the current software market, most data recovery software with powerful data recovery competence is quite expensive, so users are often troubled by downloading excellent free data recovery software. In order to help these users recover disk data in Windows 7 easily and completely, we strongly recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is a piece of professional data recovery software developed by famed software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. By using it, users can recover deleted data, recover lost data from deleted partition, lost partition, formatted partition, and inaccessible partition, and recover data from CD/DVD. Next, let’s see how to use this software to perform free disk data recovery in Windows 7.

How to recover disk data by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
First of all, download the professional data recovery software from its official website
Then, install it to a partition where free disk data recovery will not be performed.
Next, open the professional data recovery software to get its main interface like this:

Then, select a suitable functional module according to reasons for data loss since different modules are designed aiming at different data loss situations. For instance, “Undelete Recovery” is specially designed to recover deleted data or folder while “Damaged Partition Recovery” is used to recover lost data from formatted partition, inaccessible partition or other logically damaged partition.
Next, scan the partition where data loss emerges for desired data.
At last, find, check and save recovered data to a safe location.
After these operations, free disk data recovery in Windows 7 will be finished completely.

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