Free disk data recovery tool

Computers play a quite significant role in both daily life and work since they bring users much convenience. Nevertheless, with the wide use of computer, disk data loss emerges frequently. It is reported that many Windows users once suffered serious losses brought by disk data loss. Of course, users can resort to professional data recovery companies to recover lost data, but they have to pay extremely high data recovery fees. More seriously, private information is leaked. Therefore, more and more users want to find a free disk data recovery tool which can help recover lost data easily and safely. Nevertheless, it is not easy for most Windows users to find such a free tool since inferior disk data recovery tools are filled with the whole software market. But now, free disk data recovery tool which provides powerful functions and owns high security, wide compatibility, and great operability will be introduced.
From official website, users can free download this disk data recovery tool. It is able to recover data lost due to all commonly seen logical errors like mistaken deletion, logical partition damage, partition loss, and system crash. In addition, it can be compatible with all mainstream Windows operating systems and supports data recovery on commonly seen storage devices such as hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive, and iPod.
Next, we will show users how to recover lost data by using this free disk data recovery tool.
  • Download and install the free disk data recovery tool to computer, and then run it to open the main interface:

  • Choose a module to recover lost data according to reasons for data loss.
  • Select the device where data loss emerges and scan it for desired data.
  • Check data which need recovering and save them to another storage device.

After these steps, free disk data recovery tool helps recover lost data successfully.
Note: users had better not download and install free disk data recovery tool the partition where data recovery will be made, and recovered data had better not be saved to original partition. Otherwise, lost data may be overwritten.

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