Free file recovery on PC

Problem: some important files were deleted by mistake, and now I want to recover them. Nevertheless, I do not know which method to choose. Who can help me? I’m a PC user.
Solution: Firstly, you should check whether deleted files are stored in recycle bin. If deleted files can be found from recycle bin, you just need to select and restore desired files. If not, you had better use professional data recovery software to perform file recovery on PC.

Some users may ask why not turn to professional data recovery companies. Users who are familiar with data recovery industry know professional data recovery companies often charge pretty high data recovery fees and even steal our significant information. However, if we use professional data recovery software, we can save much money and privacy security can be ensured. More importantly, users even can complete free file recovery on PC. Here, we will introduce a piece of professional data recovery software which can offer free file recovery service. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If users want to download it, please visit the official website
Maybe, some users do not know how to recover lost files on PC by using this data recovery software and they mistakenly think operations are quite complex. Next, let’s see detailed operating steps.

How to accomplish file recovery on PC by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
Step 1: download and install the data recovery software to a partition where file loss does not emerge.
Step 2: launch the software to open its main interface.
Step 3: select a functional module according to reasons for data loss.

Here, 5 file recovery modules are provided, and different modules can help recover lost files on PC under different situations.
Step 4: scan storage device to find desired files.
Step 5: save desired files to another storage device.
After these steps, file recovery on PC can be completed thoroughly.

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