Free file recovery utility

As a commonly seen situation, Windows file loss arouses many users’ attention. In order to prevent file loss from happening, users often take multiple measures such as back up important data, install anti-virus software, and open Windows firewall. However, no matter how many measures they take, file loss still emerges from time to time. When file loss emerges, if users want to furthest reduce or avoid losses resulting from file loss, they should take file recovery immediately.
There are many ways to recover lost files, but different ways should be used in different situations. If users just delete important files by mistake and recycle bin has not been emptied, users can open recycle bin and restore deleted files very easily. If file loss is caused by partition loss, partition formatting and other logical errors or recycle bin has been emptied (lost files can not be found from recycle bin), users can recover lost files by using free file recovery utility. If file loss results from hardware damage, resorting to professional data recovery companies is the best solution.

Free file recovery utility
Free file recovery utility is a kind of computer software which can help recover lost files in Windows. It works when file loss results from soft errors. On the internet, free file recovery utilities with powerful functions and high security are so little that many users can not recover lost files timely and effectively. Therefore, we will recommend users a quite excellent free file recovery utility namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Next, let’s see how to use this free file recovery utility to recover lost files.

How to recover lost files by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
At first, users need to visit the official website to download the free file recovery utility. Then, install it to computer and run it to open the main interface:

Next, select a suitable module to recover lost files according to reasons for file loss. Functional introduction of each module will appear at the bottom of the main interface when we move mouse pointer to corresponding module.
Then, scan storage device to find files which need recovering.
At last, check desired files and save them to a safe place.

After these operations, free file recovery utility helps recover lost files completely and successfully.

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