Free hard drive recovery software

Some users mistakenly think lost data will disappear from hard drive forever and have to suffer serious losses resulting from data loss. Actually, data lost due to both hardware damage and logical error can be recovered completely as long as they are not overwritten or damaged. To recover data lost because of hardware damage, users need the help of professionals. Of course, users have to pay extremely high data recovery fees. To recover data lost on account of logical errors, users had better resort to free hard drive recovery software. That is because this method can help save much time and money.
When data loss emerges, users should do hard drive data recovery as soon as possible. Otherwise, lost data are very likely to be overwritten by new data. If users resort to free hard drive recovery software, lost data can be recovered once data loss emerges, thus avoiding data overwriting effectively. Here, free hard drive recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is highly recommended, because it can help recover data lost due to almost all logical errors such as mistaken deletion, partition loss, and logical partition damage. Moreover, both data security and success rate can be ensured. Now, as long as users visit, they can free download and own it.
Next, let’s see data recovery competence of the free hard drive recovery software. After opening this software, we can see all functions from the main interface like the following screenshot shows:

Here, 5 functional modules are displayed, namely “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery”, and “CD/DVD Recovery”. If we want to recover deleted data, we can choose the first module. If data loss results from logical partition damage, the second module can be chosen. If data loss is caused by partition loss, the third module is helpful. If users only want to recover digital media files, the fourth module is useful. If data loss emerges on CD or DVD, users had better choose the last module. As long as we can select the most suitable module according to practical data loss situations, free hard drive recovery software can help recover lost data timely and effectively.

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