Free method for file recovery

In daily computer use, file loss is a commonly seen situation and can not be avoided completely. When important files are lost, file recovery becomes the best solution. Currently, both data recovery companies and file recovery software can help recover lost files, but using file recovery software is preferred by more users. As we know, professional data recovery companies often charge extremely high file recovery fees while some file recovery software offers cheap or even free file recovery service. At this time, many users would want to know free method for file recovery. Actually, as long as users find excellent free file recovery software, free method for file recovery can be found. Here, we recommend users a piece of professional file recovery freeware which has mighty file recovery competence and high security. It is MiniTool Power Data Recovery and can be free downloaded from Next, let’s see functions of this free file recovery software. It provides users with 5 file recovery modules which can meet almost all demands for file recovery:
Undelete Recovery”: recover mistakenly deleted files and recover files deleted by computer virus.
Damaged Partition Recovery”: recover lost files from formatted partition, reformatted partition, inaccessible partition, and other logically damaged partition.
Lost Partition Recovery”: recover lost files from deleted partition and lost partition.
Digital Media Recovery”: recover digital media files only.
CD/DVD Recovery”: recover CD/DVD files lost due to logical errors and recover lost files from slightly damaged CD/DVD.
After seeing functional introduction, some users think this free file recovery software is powerful while other people still doubt the free method for file recovery. The following demonstration will remove all doubts.

Recover deleted files by using free file recovery software
Step 1: Launch the free file recovery software to get the following interface:

Step 2: Choose the functional module “Undelete Recovery” to recover deleted files.

Step 3: Select the partition where mistaken deletion emerges and click “Recover” button to scan selected partition.

Step 4: Check files needing to be recovered and click “Save Files” button to set save path.
When needed files are saved to a safe place, free file recovery software helps recover deleted files successfully.
Are you looking for free method for file recovery? Do you want to recover lost files easily and completely? Free file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice.

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