Free picture recovery software

With the popularity of digital camera and mobile phone, there are more and more digital pictures. Compared with traditional pictures, digital pictures are easy to keep and use. But at the same time, they are easy to lose. On both digital camera and mobile phone, there are functional buttons to delete undesired pictures. In the process of deleting pictures, if we take mistaken operations, important pictures may be deleted. Moreover, many users are used to transferring pictures to computer so as to release more space to take more pictures, but pictures stored on computer are threatened by lots of factors such as mistaken operation, virus attack, and malicious deletion. It is believed that all users would be quite disappointed when precious or significant pictures are lost.
Actually, there is no need to worry about picture loss, because free picture recovery software can help recover lost pictures easily and completely. Nevertheless, users should select the free picture recovery software which has powerful functions and high security. Otherwise, picture recovery failure or more serious picture loss will emerge. If users fear of downloading free picture recovery software which has defects, we suggest visiting to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover deleted pictures as well as recover lost pictures from lost partition, logically damaged partition, CD, and DVD.
After running the free picture recovery software successfully, we can see its concise main interface like this:

Here, 5 picture recovery modules are displayed, namely “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery”, and “CD/DVD Recovery”. Different modules are used in different picture loss situations, and main functions of each module can be seen at the bottom of the main interface after we move mouse pointer to corresponding module. In every operating interface, detailed prompts will be given, so users do not need to worry about how to take operations. When all desired pictures are saved to a safe place according to prompts, free picture recovery software helps recover lost pictures successfully.

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