Freeware for photo recovery

Computer users often store many photos to hard disks, including Windows 8 users. But do you know that many photos loss problems take place every year? Those problems are attributed to many factors. Sometimes, users delete photos by accident. Sometimes times they delete or format a partition by accident; and viruses are also able to make photos lost. And there is also a worse situation where storage devices are physically damaged. At this time, we need to recover lost photos. However, we should take many aspects into consideration before photo recovery. What method is suitable? How much is the cost? Can we afford it? Then we'll analyze those problems.
As to the worse problem that storage devices are physically damaged, the only solution is resorting to professional data recovery companies. In this situation, we usually have to pay high fees. Users can judge whether it is worth according practical needs and the value of lost photos.
As to other situations like formatting, deleting or viruses, we can use freeware for photo recovery. And we recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then will introduce it briefly.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is freeware for photo recovery and other kinds of data recovery situations. The free data recovery software has many advantages.
1. Powerful functions: it can recover lost photos and other kinds of data in many situations, for example, recovering deleted data, recovering data from deleted, lost, formatted and logically damaged partition and CD/DVD.
2. High compatibility: MiniTool Power Data Recovery is compatible with all common Windows operating systems and various kinds of storage devices.
3. Simple operations: photo recovery is easy to realize.
Next, we'll show how to carry out photo recovery on Windows.

Photo recovery on Windows
Please visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. After installing it, launch it. We'll see its main interface, as follows.

Click "Digital Media Recovery" module and the following interface will be shown.

Select the partition where the lost photos are and click "Full Scan" button. Then the following interface will be shown.

All lost photos in the partition are shown. Please find and check the ones to be recovered and then click "Save Files" button to store them to a safe location.

Common problems related to partition recovery and our solutions: