Get lost files back in Windows

Nowadays, Windows users encounter more and more file loss situations. Well then, what factors may result in Windows file loss? In general, we classify these factors to 2 categories, namely hardware damage and logical errors:
Hardware damage: disk platter scratch, magnetic head damage, interface damage, circuit board burnout, and so on.
Logical errors: mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, virus attack, partition loss, and so on.
To get lost files back in Windows, uses should adopt a suitable method according to file loss situations. If Windows file loss is caused by hardware damage, users had better turn to professional data recovery companies because almost all file recovery software is unable to recover files lost because of hardware damage. However, if users want to deal with file loss caused by logical errors, they just need the help of file recovery software. Currently, there is file recovery software which can help users free get lost files back in Windows, and operations are extremely simple. If users want to download such a piece of file recovery software, please visit to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is able to recover deleted files and recover lost files from lost partition as well as logically damaged partition.

How to get lost files back in Windows by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
Firstly, users should confirm professional file recovery software has been downloaded and installed to computer. Then, launch it to open the main interface. Next, select a suitable module to get lost files back:

Here, we can see 5 file recovery modules. Different modules are designed to deal with different file loss situations, and detailed functions of each module can be seen at the bottom when users move mouse pointer to corresponding module. Therefore, users can select the most suitable module very easily. In addition, detailed operating prompts will be given in every operating interface. As long as users take operations according to prompts, they can get lost files back in Windows timely and effectively.

After seeing the above example, most users should know how to recover lost files by using this professional file recovery software. Now, download it to have a try.

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