Memory card photo recovery

Nowadays, digital camera has become a quite important tool to record beautiful sceneries and wonderful moments. However, in the process of digital camera use, users are easy to take mistaken operations like delete precious photos by mistaken and format memory card accidentally, resulting in photo loss. In addition to mistaken operation, virus attack is another reason for photo loss. If users want to recover lost photos, they have 2 choices, namely asking professional data recovery companies for help and using professional data recovery software. However, professional data recovery companies will charge pretty high photo recovery fees, and users may suffer privacy leakage. Considering these aspects, we highly suggest using professional data recovery freeware to perform memory card photo recovery.
On the internet, we can find a lot of data recovery software, but not any one can be chosen. If we download data recovery software which has defects in function, security, or compatibility, photo recovery failure or even permanent photo loss may emerge. In order to help users download really excellent data recovery freeware which perfectly supports memory card photo recovery, we recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover lost photos by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and then install the professional data recovery freeware to a partition where no operation will be made. Next, connect memory card or digital camera to computer. After that, run this software to open its main interface. In the main interface, we can see 5 data recovery modules which can help accomplish all-sided data recovery work.

To recover lost photos, we can choose the functional module “Digital Media Recovery” which only works to digital media files (if photo loss is caused by formatting memory card, users can choose the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery”). After selecting desired module, we can see its operating interface. At this time, users need to select the memory card where photo recovery will be made and click “Full Scan” button to scan the whole memory card. After scan, professional data recovery freeware will show us all digital media files it found, and users should check photos which need recovering. At last, click “Save Files” button to save recovered photos to a safe place. After that, memory card photo recovery ends successfully.

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