NTFS hard drive recovery

As known to all, NTFS is the standard file system for Windows NT and later Windows operating systems. That is because NTFS owns a lot of advantages compared with FAT32, such as support on metadata, higher security, greater stability, support on a 4G file, and the function of journal. However, as NTFS is widely used, NTFS hard drive data loss emerges more frequently than FAT hard drive data loss. Once important data are lost, users should do NTFS hard drive recovery as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may suffer serious economic losses or spiritual losses. To recover lost data from NTFS hard drive, users should select the most suitable method according to data loss situations. If data loss results from physical damage, users should resort to professional data recovery companies. If data loss is caused by soft error, using data recovery software is the best choice.

Advantages of using data recovery software to recover lost data from NTFS hard drive
There are many advantages if users recover lost data from NTFS hard drive by using professional data recovery software, and we just introduce some of them in this article.
1. Save much money and time: some excellent data recovery software offers free NTFS hard drive recovery service. In addition, we can recover lost data once hard drive data loss emerges.
2. Ensure data security: since NTFS hard drive recovery is made by ourselves, privacy leakage can be avoided completely. Moreover, professional data recovery software can offer a series of data protecting measures to ensure data security when accidents emerge.
3. Easy to use: several steps are needed, and detailed prompts are given.
Next, we will show users how to perform NTFS hard drive recovery by using professional data recovery software.

Recover lost data from NTFS hard drive
Before NTFS hard drive recovery, users need to download a piece of excellent data recovery software. Here, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is strongly recommended, and users can download it from https://www.powerdatarecovery.com. After installation, the following interface will appear:

In this interface, users should select a suitable module according to data loss situations. Main functions of each module can be seen at the bottom of this interface after we move mouse pointer to corresponding module. When data recovery software finds desired data, users just need to check data which need recovering and save them to a safe place. After that, NTFS hard drive recovery is finished completely.

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