Professional file recovery software

It is believed that file loss troubles many Windows users since Windows is threatened by much more factors. As we know, Windows is the most widely used operating system and occupies the vast majority of market share. As a result, Windows becomes the biggest target of virus developers or hackers. In addition to malicious attack, mistaken operation is another factor for file loss. Of course, physical damage can not be ignored. When file loss appears, all Windows users would want to recover lost files completely and easily. Currently, both professional data recovery companies and professional file recovery software can help recover lost files completely, but different ways have different advantages and disadvantages. Professional data recovery companies can help recover files lost due to both soft errors and physical damage, but file recovery fees are extremely high. Professional file recovery software can only recover files lost because of soft errors, but advantages are far more than disadvantages. Next, let’s see main advantages:
1. Powerful functions: recover files lost due to almost all soft errors.
2. High security: file security can be ensured even if accidents emerge.
3. Wide compatibility: support all mainstream Windows operating systems and all commonly used storage devices.
4. Cost-effective: free to recover 1GB files. In addition, it is so cheap that almost all computer users can afford it.
Though these are just a part of advantages, users would be attracted by this professional file recovery software. Now, let’s see this file recovery software.
Firstly, we need to visit the official website to download the file recovery software. Then, install it to a partition where file loss does not appear. After running it successfully, we can see its main interface:

From this interface, we can see powerful file recovery modules, namely “Undelete Recovery”, “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery”, and “CD/DVD Recovery”. Different modules are designed to deal with different file loss situations. If we want to know detailed functions of each module, we only need to move mouse cursor to desired module. Then, corresponding functions will appear at the bottom of the main interface. After selecting suitable module, we can see its operating interface where detailed operating prompts are given. Actually, detailed prompts will be seen in every interface. As long as we recover lost files according to prompts, professional file recovery software can make file recovery extremely simple and complete.

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