Recover file from formatted partition

Q: In order to get free space, I formatted the partition storing unimportant files. However, after formatting, I realized some important files were stored in formatted partition. Since these files can not be found from recycle bin, I do not know how to recover file from formatted partition?

A: What you need is a piece of professional file recovery software. Nowadays, there is file recovery software which can help accomplish file recovery from formatted partition, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be chosen. Why recommend this file recovery software? There are 4 reasons. Firstly, it provides users with a functional module to recover file from formatted partition. Secondly, by choosing this file recovery software, users do not need to worry about compatibility since it supports all mainstream Windows operating systems and Windows file systems. Thirdly, file recovery from formatted partition can be realized in extremely simple operations, and success rate is pretty high. At last, in addition to file recovery from formatted partition, recommended file recovery software supports deleted file recovery, file recovery from lost partition, digital media file recovery, and CD/DVD file recovery, so users can use it to complete other file recovery work

If users want to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover file from formatted partition, please visit the official website Detailed operations of file recovery from formatted partition will be shown below:
1. Launch the file recovery software to open its main interface:

2. Select the functional module “Damaged Partition Recovery” which is specially designed to recover file from logically damaged partition.
3. Choose the formatted partition and scan it for desired files. 2 functional buttons namely “Full Scan” and “Open” are provided to scan partition, and users should choose a suitable one according to actual demands.
4. Find and check files needing to be recovered, and then save recovered files to a safe place.

After these 4 steps, users are successful to recover file from formatted partition. Undoubtedly, the professional file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice for file recovery from formatted partition. Or we can say it is the best choice for Windows file recovery.

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